Global Public Sector Trends in Ecosystem Services, 2009-2012

Ecosystem services are gaining the attention of government officials around the world. From 2009 through 2012, BSR has documented a wide and growing range of public-sector activities related to the issue. Given the breadth and growing depth of public sector work on ecosystem services, it is increasingly clear that it now has the potential to shape future policy […]

Strengthening Global Climate Change Negotiations: Improving the Efficiency of the UNFCCC Process

This paper explores possibilities to strengthen the global climate change negotiations by improving the efficiency of the negotiations process under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The negotiations are taking place against the backdrop of continuing growth of global greenhouse gas emissions and already observable impacts of climate change. Given the urgent […]

Top-Down, Bottom-Up or In-Between: How Can a UNFCCC Framework for Market-Based Approaches Ensure Environmental Integrity and Market Coherence?

Abstract The Durban Climate Conference agreed on the creation of a new market-based mechanism under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and to consider the establishment of an overall framework for various mitigation approaches, including opportunities for using markets (“Framework”). This development is taking place against the background of increasing numbers of […]

Global Climate Leadership Review 2012

Australia does not act on climate change in isolation. The Climate Institute’s Global Climate Leadership Review 2012 positions Australian climate policy in a global context. It aims to elaborate on the implications of global climate diplomacy and domestic actions for Australia.   The overarching theme of this flagship project is leadership. The Global Climate Leadership […]

Governments Worldwide Embrace Voluntary Carbon Offset Market: Report

With the future of an international climate agreement still in flux, governments worldwide are turning to markets for voluntary carbon offsetting to engage private sector climate actors – and to inform or provide the tools that could shape tomorrow’s regulated carbon markets. At least 21 such government programs are currently underway, and nine of these […]

Ecosystem Service Market Development: The Role and Opportunity for Finance

Executive Summary Intact ecosystems on rural lands provide critical services to residents of Oregon and other regions. These services include but are not limited to regulation of climate through carbon sequestration, provision of clean freshwater for cities and towns, support of fisheries that sustain us, and preservation of intact, wild landscapes of great spiritual and […]

The TEEB for Policy Makers Report – Summary document

This report demonstrates the value of ecosystems and biodiversity to the economy, to society and to individuals. It  underlines the urgency of action, as well as the benefits and opportunities that will arise as a result of taking such action. The report shows that the cost of sustaining biodiversity and ecosystem services is lower than […]

The TEEB Climate Issues update

This update from our TEEB study presents a sub-set of early conclusions which relate to climate change. A fuller report on these and several other areas of relevance to national and international policy-makers will be published in November 2009. However, in view of the climate change conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, in December 2009, we thought […]