Coastal Carbon Economics Webinar with MESP and CSF

The Conservation Strategy Fund (CSF) and Duke University have launched a collaborative partnership to create a Conservation Economics Initiative. The Initiative will make economics training more readily available to conservation professionals around the world starting with its first MESP (marine ecosystem services partnerships) sponsored webinar on February 10th. Terrestrial ecosystems such as forests and coastal […]

Marine InVEST

The Marine Initiative of the Natural Capital Project is dedicated to using the framework of ecosystem services to inform ecosystem-based management of marine and coastal waters. The Project is developing and applying a suite of ecosystem service models called InVest (Integrated Valuation of Ecosystem Services and Trade-offs). Marine InVest is highly flexible to accommodate application […]

BioCarbon Partners REDD Informational Comic

The BioCarbon Partners (BCP) Trust’s Community Engagement Team has found its own fresh approach to increasing awareness in Africa among community stakeholders regarding REDD+ project activities, through a comic created by artist Naomi Fearn. Please note that the comic may be distributed/shared but not used for commercial purposes without BCP’s written consent. Read more about the […]

Climate Report n°31 « Carbon offset projects in the agricultural sector »

Carbon offsetting projects are one of the economic tools available to reduce agricultural emissions by paying for metric tons of avoided CO2e emissions. A summary of the emission reductions enabled by agricultural projects to date is provided in this report. It covers most projects certified by quality assurance standards, including those set up by the Kyoto […]

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Programa de Acción Ante el Cambio Climático del Estado de Chiapas

El PACCCH es el instrumento que enmarca y articula las políticas públicas que definen las acciones del Gobierno del Estado de Chiapas y orientan la participación de la sociedad en materia de adaptación y mitigación ante el cambio climático. Este programa es una de las prioridades del Gobierno Chiapaneco dado que apoya la planeación y el desarrollo estatal que […]

Turning Point: What future for forest peoples and resources in the emerging world order?

 Worldwide, the use and management of natural resources and systems of trade and governance have been in flux for years. Yet 2011 may well be remembered as the year of definitive turning points: it was a year when the shift in global political and economic  power to emerging economies became clear; it was a year when the […]

Assessing the Outcomes of COP 17

IISD’s Climate Change and Energy team assessed the outcomes of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP 17) held in Durban, South Africa November 28 to December 11, 2011. COP 17 illustrated that there is a clear trade-off between the level of ambition and the inclusivity and robustness of a future agreement. To get countries like […]