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Bovespa Incorporates Environmental Projects in Exchange

Bovespa president, Raymundo Magliano Filho, announced on 03/07, at a Bovespa event attended by Achim Steiner, executive director of the Programa das Naµes Unidas para o Meio Ambiente (PNUMA – United Nations’ Environment Program), that, as of April, Bolsa de Valores Sociais (BVS – Social Values Exchange) will enhance its performance to also include environmental projects as well. Accordingly, BVS will be renamed Bolsa de Valores Sociais & Ambientais (BVS&A – Social & Environmental Values Exchange). Founded in 2003 and maintained by Bovespa, BVS has raised funds for educational projects undertaken by Brazilian NGOs.


Norway Supports The Governors’ Task Force To The Tune Of $25 Million

Norway broke new ground in supporting the Governors’ Climate and Forests Task Force this week when the country announced $25 million in financing to the initiative over a 4-year period. While the funds have potential to plug significant funding gaps, they could also encourage other countries to follow Norway’s example.


On The Road To Paris. Next Stop: Bonn, June 2015

Mid-year climate talks begin this week in Bonn, Germany – a critical but largely overlooked pit-stop on the way to year-end talks in Paris. Gustavo Silva-Chavez of Forest Trends points out that land-use issues still account for 24% of all greenhouse gas emissions, and will play a central role in whatever solution emerges in Paris.


Marks & Spencer: Cooking Its Way To A Cleaner Future

Motivated by an ambitious sustainability plan, British retailer Marks and Spencer has become one of the biggest voluntary buyers of carbon offsets, according to a new Ecosystem Marketplace report. But the company is going beyond greening its own operations, making a commitment to the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves to raise awareness of clean cooking, including within its supply chain.


How Fine Italian Leather Drives Illegal Deforestation

The European Union is a global leader in combating climate change, but those fine Italian leather jackets often come from cows raised on land that had been rainforest just a few years ago. Indeed, new research shows that European consumers are driving illegal deforestation around the world.


EU Leaves Land-Use Off Its New INDC

9 March 2015 | The European Union (EU) on Friday submitted its Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), and land use was not part of it. “The INDC was altered from a draft version that included land use in the 2030 goal – a move criticised by green […]


Examples, Dialogue And Clearer Policy Needed In Biodiversity Offsetting

Highlights including video footage from last month’s conference on ‘no net loss’ of biodiversity, which brought together a multitude of sectors to discuss avoiding, minimizing, restoring and offsetting biodiversity loss, are now available. The event, held at the London Zoo and hosted by BBOP, was the first of its kind.