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ndios ganharo para preservar floresta

The Tembé indigenous group, from the Brazilian state of Pará, hope to close the first contract in Brazil for the preservation of an Indigenous Territory through the sale of carbon credits before the end of May. The contract has been approved by FUNAI (Brazil's Federal Indian Agency) and the Federal University of Par¡, but has not yet been approved by the Temb people. The credits will be sold by the Brazilian company C-TRADE on the voluntary market. 85% of the profits from the sale of the carbon credits will be given directly to the tribe. Although the exact value has not yet been determined, they should be worth more than 1 million reais a year (approximately 480,000 USD). This money will be invested in community projects which have already started (such as honey production) and the remainder distributed equally between the families. FUNAI is concerned, however, that those who administer the funds will keep it for themselves, so benefits will not reach the whole community. (In Portuguese)


New Conservation Bank Aims
To Save The Roaming Sage-Grouse

The greater sage-grouse might not be officially listed as endangered, but conservation of the bird is in full swing. This spring, conservation banking officially entered the fray with the creation of the first sage-grouse bank in Wyoming, a venture spanning thousands of acres that suggests a shift in species banking as well as in overall conservation strategy.


This Week In Water: A Brazil Matrix And Supply Chain Risk

This month, Ecosystem Marketplace publisher Forest Trends launched an interactive map and database tracking and categorizing over 2,000 payments for ecosystem services in Brazil called the Brazilian Matrix of Ecosystem Services. In other news, a diverse national water quality trading network released a program-building guide.


Norway Supports The Governors’ Task Force To The Tune Of $25 Million

Norway broke new ground in supporting the Governors’ Climate and Forests Task Force this week when the country announced $25 million in financing to the initiative over a 4-year period. While the funds have potential to plug significant funding gaps, they could also encourage other countries to follow Norway’s example.


The Sustainability Strategy That No One Talked About

More than 200 major brands use carbon offsets to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, according to a recent Ecosystem Marketplace report. Representatives from two of those companies, Volcom and Intuit, spoke at Sustainable Brands about how they’re promoting offsetting from within.


Brazilian Ecosystem Services Matrix Brings Transparency To Environmental Finance

Brazil is not only a hotbed of ecosystem services, it’s also testing grounds for the market-like payments for ecosystem services approach to conserve and manage these natural services. And now, a new initiative launching this week provides a comprehensive way to track, understand and scale these programs using an interactive mapping and database system.