AFOLU Carbon Development and Project Finance Specialist, Terra Global Capital

Term: Full time
Location: San Francisco (preferred)


  • Develop project leads, scope of work and proposals for AFOLU carbon development work to be provided by Terra
  • Assess carbon feasibility of AFOLU projects versus various market standards including: VCS, CCB, CAR., CDM and others
  • Manage carbon development process for AFOLU projects and provide all non-carbon measurement work against contract deliverables including:

                    Develop and manage collaborative work plans with partners
                    Provide project design reviews, financial projection development, land tenure assessment, carbon agreement   development, management of validation process
                    Interact with internal team for carbon measurement and modeling components of deliverables
                    Draft components of PDs and manage validation process

  • Develop and refine processes to manage and automate carbon development process
  • Support writing grant proposals and RFPs
  • Interact with project finance team on developing finance strategies, structures and carbon transaction
  • Provide due diligence support on investment projects
  • Perform field visits in developing countries for project and partner assessment and gather data for carbon development


  • Experience in the project design and implementation of community based AFOLU projects
  • In-depth knowledge of all AFOLU market standards, guidelines and protocols
  • Direct experience in carbon development work for AFOLU projects
  • Working knowledge of AFOLU methodologies
  • Ability to develop financial models for projects
  • Understanding of transactional and investment structures that are/can be used for project finance
  • Developing country field level development work
  • Experience working in an international environment with global stakeholders
  • Proficient in spoken and written Spanish and/or Portuguese


  • Organized, market focused and results oriented
  • Able to work collaborative in team yet self-manage deliverables
  • Able to work under physically challenging circumstances for field visits
  • Affinity for cultural idiosyncrasies while working abroad
  • Able to train, motivate, and manage field crews with different degrees of experience and education
  • Excellent and proven written skills in English.

Educational and Work Experience Requirements

  • At least 3 years work experience in a corporate setting
  • At least 5 years education and/or work experience in the AFOLU sector
  • Coursework or practical experience in applied natural sciences such as forestry, ecology, natural resources, biogeochemistry, GIS or remote sensing desired