AFOLU Carbon Project Reporting Specialist, Terra Global Capital

Position: AFOLU Carbon Project Reporting Specialist
Term: Full-time
Location: Based in San Francisco, CA


  • Develop carbon feasibility reports, carbon project design documents, monitoring reports
  • Develop background papers on greenhouse gas emission reductions projects from the land-use sector.
  • Conduct literature reviews to support feasibility reports, project design documents and monitoring reports
  • Review technical aspects of AFOLU carbon projects and provide guidance to project developers regarding project type, eligible methodologies and mechanics of carbon monitoring, reporting and verification
  • Review carbon calculations of AFOLU carbon projects
  • Review AFOLU carbon project methodologies

Necessary Qualifications

  • Flawless and demonstrated scientific writing skills.
  • Minimum 5 years of professional experience in commercial environmental consulting.
  • Minimum 2 years of experience with carbon projects, including a strong understanding of carbon standards like the CDM, VCS, and CAR.
  • Basic understanding of carbon biogeochemistry in forest and agricultural ecosystems.
  • Affinity for working in an international environment and in developing countries.
  • Practical understanding of mathematical and statistical concepts.
  • Exceptionally computer literate, including complete mastering of Microsoft Excel and Word.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Fluent in Spanish, French or Portuguese
  • Experience working in an international environment or developing countries.
  • Experience with biomass inventories in forest systems.


  • Very organized, market focused and results-oriented.
  • Able to work collaboratively in a team environment, but self-manage deliverables.
  • Affinity for cultural idiosyncrasies while communicating with project partners
  • Extremely computer-literate with the ability to absorb new tools quickly.

Educational Requirements:

  • MSc or PhD in applied natural sciences such as forestry, ecology, natural resources, biogeochemistry, GIS or remote sensing.
  • Coursework in GIS analysis, remote sensing, and tropical forest systems is preferred.

Preferred candidate has obtained at least one technical degree mentioned above and at least one degree that focuses on scientific writing such as in Technical Writing and Communication.

Interested candidates please send CV to