Assistant Project Manager, EcoSecurities


Support the Project Managers in maximizing the delivery of CERs from CDM projects via technical support in the CDM project cycle with emphasis in monitoring and verification. Interact with project developers to provide guidance on requirements for CDM monitoring and verification and receive input related to the project activity. Ensure risks to deliver are minimised and ensure company systems are followed and updated.


• Collect and analyze data on project performance on a regular and routine basis.
• Inquire PD on project performance on a regular basis.
• Provide support to PD on the requirements for CDM monitoring and verification.
• Perform site visits to identify the requirements to develop the system,  check compliance of the existing system with the monitoring requirements, check that the system is being maintained or to prepare/conduct verifications (depending on the stage of the project).
• Identify and anticipate any potential issues as early as possible.
• Update information in internal systems.
• Absorb relevant changes in CDM procedures, rules, methodologies.
• Identify implication of changes to projects (e.g. consider possible solutions).
• Interact with project developers and establish good relationship with them.
• Support local offices with  DOE interaction to ensure the rapid progression of validations/verifications without presenting risks to the projects.
• Take part of building initiatives promoted by the company in technical areas and CDM.
• Conduct analysis/research as required (e.g. analyse impact of rules changes on our pre-2012 portfolio).
• Comply with  internal controls of the organisation  (i.e. company systems  are followed).
• Interact with other teams in the organisation in providing project updates.


Attention to details
The ability to review complex information and identify non-conformities to rules/regulations/standards.

The ability maintain work routines and procedures that will ensure continuous high quality output

The drive and ability to share information, messages and ideas and concisely and ensure common understanding.

Problem Solving/Judgment
Ability to recognise and identify issues/problems, to recognise when decisions and actions are necessary and to take required decisions and actions in a timely manner which is in line with the company objective/strategy.

Teamworking/Leadership/Group Dynamics
Demonstrating understanding of how own role fits with the business as a whole. Working effectively with team/work group/internal customers to accomplish organisational goals and to identify and resolve business issues. Encourages collaboration and open communication within teams.

Technical/Professional Knowledge and Experience
Demonstrating a satisfactory level of technical and professional skills/knowledge in jobrelated areas.

Effectively planning and organizing both self and others to accomplish specific goals.

Achievement Drive
Making active attempts to achieve goals, being self-motivated and taking action to ensure objectives are met or exceeded.


• Undergraduate (university degree) or higher in Environmental Sciences, Environmental Economics, Environmental Management, Engineering, Biology, Finance related to energy and climate change or a closely-related field.
• Suitable candidates shall have at least 2 year working experience.
• Knowledge in carbon project development and CDM is a strong advantage.
• Experience with measurement equipment, data and records is an advantage
• Experience in working with ISO type systems (9000 and 14000 series) and/or under heavy compliance environment is a strong advantage;
• Working knowledge in Microsoft Office especially Microsoft Excel are a must.
• Fluency in English is a must

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