Associate Manager, Forest Trade and Finance Program – Forest Trends


Forest Trends is an international not-for-profit forest conservation organization based in Washington, D.C., that works to achieve sustainable forest management and conservation by capturing market values for ecosystem services; supporting innovative projects and companies that are developing these new markets; and enhancing the livelihoods of local communities living in and around those forests.

Forest Trends’ Forest Trade and Finance Program focuses on forest governance actions critical to the effective development and implementation of markets, trade and finance for ecosystem products and services. The FTF Program helps governments, industry and other stakeholders to better govern natural resources and capture potential revenues for equitable national and local benefit.  The FTF Program has been working to share experience and international best practice on forest governance, market incentives and equitable inclusion of forest‐dependent communities. The FTF Program has a global scope, but focuses on key countries with either critical forest governance constraints, with policies and markets which have clear impacts on critical forest countries, or those which serve as a model for others. Since 2000, the FTF Program has had a clear focus on (a) the vital role that China and the Mekong plays in the global commodity chain for illegally sourced wood products and some of the largest ecosystem markets in the world and (b) the role of consumer markets in fueling unsustainable consumption of wood products.


We are seeking an Associate Manager to work with the Forest Trade and Finance Director, other Forest Trends staff and consultants to manage a multi-year program which will track the expenditures of REDD+ financing in developing countries. The work will entail the overall design of surveys and databases, liasing with national REDD+ Focal Points and the REDD+ Partnership, partner civil society organization in up to 14 important REDD+ countries, drafting of country and global reports, and the development of training programs. The manager will be responsible for overall project workplanning and budget management, and will manage a Program Associate as well. Significant travel is expected.

In the future (6-12 months), the role of Associate Manager may also expand to include a program of work on REDD+ policy, training and development, working with national governments and the private sector, OR a workporgram on forest law enforcement, illegal logging and associated trade.
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Coordinate and manage the implementation Forest Trends’ REDD+ Fund Expenditures Initiative This will include, inter alia:
  • Interacting with national partners, REDD+ Focal Points and the REDD+ Partnership Voluntary REDD+ Database (VRD) to revise template surveys
  • Management of design of database and associated website
  • Development of Terms of Reference and procurement processes for the identification of national partners
  • Development of presentations, training and outreach materials
  • Interact with and monitor the progress being made by national partner organizations in implementing work plans agreed with the various partners
  • Coordinate Advisory Committee meetings
  • Liase with other REDD+ tracking initiatives such as the REDDesk, ODI, and others
  • Liase with REDD+ Partnership and national REDD+ Focal Points as needed
  • Represent Forest Trends at high-level meetings
  • Assume day-to-day responsibilities for the management of the FTF budget and associated cash flow analysis, coordinating with Forest Trend’s Finance and Administration personnel in addition to the FTF Director
  • Work closely with the FTF Director in developing proposals and reports to donors
  • Travel on a regular basis


  • Manage associate staff in terms of weekly work, professional development, and annual reviews
  • Engage in fundraising through writing grant proposals, reports, meeting with donors and undertaking all other activities associated with grant seeking and management
  • Oversee budgets
  • Coordinate with national partners in at least 13 REDD+ countries.


  • Master’s degree in environmental policy, environmental science, or a related field
  • At least 5 years, ideally 7 years, of experience working on environmental policy issues, international or national dialogues in Asia, Latin America and/or Africa, ideally with recent experience related to climate change policy, REDD+ multi-lateral institutions],
  • Ability to master new areas quickly
  • Strong technical writing skills and ability to communicate technical information clearly and simply to a varied audience (including representatives from indigenous peoples, local communities, governments, companies and banks, as well as the scientific community). This includes ability to write succinct policy briefs, and to write about potentially controversial topics in neutral and objective manner
  • Strong organizational and time management skills, and a self-directed management style
  • Effective written and oral communication and inter-personal skills
  • Familiarity with international donor procurement guidelines
  • Willingness to travel internationally roughly 30% to 40% of the time
  • Fluency in English with Spanish, or language skills from Asian countries
  • Creativity, proactive management style, with tolerance for uncertainty and a well-developed sense of humor

Time Commitment  
Full-time 40 hours/week

Negotiable, includes generous benefits package

Washington, D.C.

February 29, 2012

Please send resume & cover letter to