Biodiversity Markets Intern

Part-Time &/ or Full-Time Environmental Markets Internship Positions, Ecosystem Marketplace

Washington DC or remote location
Description: Ecosystem Marketplace has multiple intern openings from 10-40 hours/week, paid on an hourly basis from $10-13/hour (depending on level of education), for three months or more starting in the fall of 2010.  Preferred location is Washington DC.  Intern needs are described below.  When applying, send resume to appropriate contact(s).  All internships require a familiarity with payments for ecosystem services in general, excellent research and writing skills, and experience with Excel spreadsheets. 

Closing Date: September 1, 2010

About Ecosystem Marketplace: Ecosystem Marketplace ( is a global information platform supporting ecosystem service payments and markets.  Among our analysis products is the popular annual State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets report. This year, Ecosystem Marketplace has released several new reports highlighting the State of Forest Carbon Markets, the State of Biodiversity Markets, and the State of Payments for Watershed Services.  Our intern needs include assistance in follow-up reports, research of daily news posted on our main site, research and writing for bi-monthly and monthly newsletters, and research to update information on the Forest Carbon Portal,,  MarketWatch, and the Ecosystem Services Matrix.

Biodiversity Markets Intern Responsibilities:
•Ã‚ Â Â  Research, drafting and reviewing sections for a ‘Lessons Learned’ follow-up to the State of Biodiversity    Markets report.  Research will cover various biodiversity offset programs, compensation programs, and Environmental Impact Assessment law.
•Ã‚ Â Â  Collecting and summarizing news on financial incentives for biodiversity conservation for the monthly newsletter Mitigation Mail.
•Ã‚ Â Â  Collecting information on wetland mitigation banking, endangered species mitigation banking, payment  prices for wetland and endangered species mitigation, programs providing payments for ecosystem services
•Ã‚ Â Â  Desired qualifications: Knowledge of legal drivers &/or government payment programs for biodiversity conservation in the US and abroad; interest and experience in policy analysis; an ability to clearly summarize complex programs or policy.  Writing sample and references may be requested following interview process. A remote-work situation may be considered for exceptional candidates.