Carbon Advantage Program Manager, Earth Advantage Institute

This is targeted for applicants that meet ALL of the criteria below. Please review with care. We ask that you not submit
your resume unless you are convinced that you meet the needs we seek. Include salary range sought and availability in
cover letter in order to be considered.
About Earth Advantage Institute
Promoting the wise use of energy and natural resources in a carbon constrained world, Earth Advantage Institute (EAI)
will be the nation’s leading organization in providing green building and climate solutions for clients in the building
trades.  EAI, on Oregon 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, certifies new and remodeled homes as a third‐party verifier for
the ENERGY STAR® and LEED for Homes® programs, as well as for its own residential, community, and commercial
programs.  In addition, EAI provides green design and consulting services, conducts education and training seminars, and
is a key contributor to the development of green building standards.  The organization includes over 400 builders,
remodelers, and sponsors throughout Oregon, Southwest Washington, and Northern California, as well as licensed
partners in:  Ashland, Oregon; Eugene, Oregon; Redding, California; and Westborough, Massachusetts.
To drive this mission, EAI is in need of a strategic, dependable, intuitive and entrepreneurial program manager for the
Carbon Advantage desk. The program manager will be charged with development of methodologies, training, and
climate change consulting services to support existing and new targeted clients.  Anticipated areas include carbon
footprint analysis, energy audits, and development of corporate strategy for climate change and renewable energy
consulting, the completion of Scope 1 through 3 GHG analyses following the Greenhouse Gas Protocol by WRI and
WBCSD, and reporting to the Climate Registry for the organization.
Position Summary
Objectives will be to align with EAI’s core values: help companies in the built environment reduce their climate change
impact, maximize energy efficiency and sustainable practices, and position them to take advantage of carbon markets.  
This consultant‐type position is suitable for candidates with 5+ years experience working on climate change and carbon
management related projects.  Candidate is to have strong analytical skills and be familiar with leading standards and
approaches for measuring GHGs with a focus on energy efficiency. Typical client projects include developing carbon
strategies, supporting GHG inventory development, overseeing GHG verification, and advising clients on climate change
risks, opportunities and carbon strategy.    
This position requires working with multi‐disciplinary environmental project teams and the conduct of business with
uncompromising integrity. Candidate must be able to work independently and represent the company and the
company’s customers in various venues, including client briefings and meetings with stakeholders and regulators.
Additionally, you must facilitate cooperative working relationships among peer organizations and project stakeholders
with differing missions.

Review and Selection
Respondents must make proper and timely submissions to be considered.  Failure to meet any requirement set forth or
to provide the complete information required will disqualify the respondent from consideration for this position.  All
respondents will be rated according to competitive selection criteria.

• Develop, pilot, and use greenhouse gas (GHG) measurement and reporting protocols
• Develop and enhance methodologies for commoditizing energy efficiency improvements as voluntary emission
reductions (credits)
• Ensure methodology approval from carbon standards  
• Guide the organization through the process of (ANSI) accreditation as GHG verifier
• Develop EAI’s carbon equity model that links green jobs, donor funds, and carbon reduction
• Prepare and manage organizations’ GHG inventory accounting  
• Manage energy conservation /emission reduction projects
• Respond to RFP’s that call for carbon reduction strategies and project management
• Develop carbon reduction propositions for EAI’s certification programs
• Develop framework for integrating lifecycle analysis into EAI’s certification programs
• Manage EAI’s annual reporting cycle to The Climate Registry  
• Conduct workshops to identify new opportunities for Carbon Advantage.  
• Conduct analysis of the business impact of climate change with respect to built environment
• Advise clients on the risks and opportunities associated with climate change and appropriate carbon
management strategies
• Benchmark GHG and energy management best practices
• Draw on the internal resources of EAI to develop educational trainings on carbon
• Maintain the organization’s active participation in Western Climate Initiative/other forums
• Undergraduate degree in environmental science, environmental engineering, science, or related field. Master’s
degree (preferred) in business or environmental field.  
• Minimum of 5 years experience working on projects that involve climate change, green house gas issues, carbon
markets, and LCA.  
• Understanding of the business implications of sustainability, climate change, and carbon emissions.  
• Excellent aptitude for quantitative, analytical thinking. Natural curiosity to investigate issues, conduct research,
and translate results into business practices.  
• Ability to write business briefs and verbally articulate issues, and be self‐motivated to stay organized while
working on multiple assignments.  
• Demonstrated successful creation of GHG inventory reports.  
• Data management experience  
• Excellent client facing skills: Ability to meet client’s needs, resolve issues, and maintain clients informed and
satisfied in an evaluation engagement.  
• 2+ years of experience with developing and delivering presentations, papers, reports, and RFP responses.  
• Experience with carbon regulations, policy and compliance on national and international scale.
• Experience with environmental policy development, organizational change, strategic communication, or
sustainability, including green purchasing, carbon accounting and mitigation, LEED building assessments, or
energy efficiency assessments  
• A self‐motivated and high‐energy individual that can focus and deliver as promised with basic managerial
support, coupled with the ability to work positively and effectively in a team environment
• Proficiency with Microsoft Office suite of programs and  
Earth Advantage Institute is an equal opportunity employer and offers a competitive compensation package. Salary
commensurate with experience.

To Apply

Please submit the following materials to apply for this position (PDF or Word format).  Failure to include this specificity
will discount your application from being reviewed or considered. Thank you for observing our detailed requirements.
• Resume  
• Cover letter detailing qualifications and salary requirements
• Three professional references
Email application materials to:
Subject line should read: “Carbon Advantage PM – Last name, First name”