Carbon Finance Specialist, World Bank

The Carbon Finance Unit of the World Bank has contributed significantly to the establishment of carbon markets and to the facilitation of market access of developing countries. The operational business includes asset/project development and purchases of emission reductions from projects in developing countries and economies in transition. The World Bank’s carbon finance business has contributed through methodology development, pioneering transactions and capacity building to the implementation of the project-based mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol, CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) and JI (Joint Implementation). It has been instrumental in developing new approaches to carbon crediting such as Programmes of Activities (PoAs). Beyond CDM/JI, the Unit supports the development of methodologies and projects under the verified carbon standard, undertakes technical work and capacity building in new areas such as reduced emissions from deforestation and degradation and potential new market mechanisms to scale up climate change mitigation initiatives.

The project portfolio of the Carbon Finance Unit includes 160 projects and programs reflecting commitments of $1.7 billion in 10 carbon funds for the purchase of more than 200 million tones carbon dioxide equivalent emission reductions. The projects of Carbon Finance Unit are located in developing countries and economies in transition and cover a broad spectrum of sectors and technologies, including energy generation, energy distribution and energy demand, waste management, manufacturing industry, extraction industries, chemicals, transport, forestry and agriculture. With the establishment of a new generation of carbon facilities this project pipeline will increase further over time, in particular in the area of programmatic approaches (PoAs).

The Policy and Methodology Team (PMT) of the Unit advises the operational business on regulatory, policy and methodology requirements for CDM and JI projects and undertakes quality control of the CDM/JI project documentation, including Project Design Documents and Monitoring Plans. The PMT advises in the selection and development of projects and programs and provides quality assurance services to ensure compliance with the regulatory process. Team members work closely with their counterparts in the operational and regional teams to achieve successful validation, registration and verification of projects. PMT members closely observe the regulatory process and contribute to its development and improvement by leading the development of new methodologies, interacting with regulatory agencies and participating in international regulatory and policy debates. This includes preparation of policy and methodology notes and leading work on relevant reports and studies.

PMT is organized by sectoral and core competencies. This position is primarily focused on demand-side energy efficiency, including household access to energy, small and medium sized enterprises and urban transport and buildings. The incumbent in this position is expected to take over a corresponding portfolio of existing carbon finance operations and to lead the development of innovative carbon finance approaches in these areas from a conceptual and methodological perspective. This includes the follow-up on the evolving regulation on small and micro scale CDM as well as on programmatic CDM.


•Ã‚  Follow up of the UNFCCC regulatory processes and policy debate relevant to demand side energy efficiency including urban transport and buildings and the corresponding decision making of the regulatory bodies with a focus on CDM regulation for small/micro scale and programmatic projects.  
•Ã‚  Interpret and apply the CDM and JI modalities and procedures and their application to carbon finance operations in the area of specialization.
•Ã‚  Follow up on the debate on new mechanisms and alternative carbon crediting standards in the focus area.
•Ã‚  Advise on and contribute to the development and structuring of programmatic carbon finance operations from a conceptual and methodological perspective.
•Ã‚  Support a portfolio of projects/programs for policy/methodology advice and related quality control.
•Ã‚  Contribute to the policy work of PMT and prepare short notes on relevant policy and regulatory issues and lead relevant analytical work, program design and methodology development.
•Ã‚  Contribute to training, outreach, knowledge management and capacity development programs relevant to the regulatory compliance of carbon finance projects.
•Ã‚  Work with regional teams in the Bank, on a needs basis, on assessing the mitigation potential of the Bank’s lending operations and their potential to claim carbon credits.