Carbon Programs Manager – Envirofit International

Envirofit International ( is a multi-national corporation  headquartered in Colorado, USA, 

with a mission to develop and disseminate technologies that reduce pollution and enhance energy efficiency in 
developing countries. The company develops and distributes well-engineered energy products for low-income 
markets that have traditionally been overlooked. The development of products  and markets  is a rigorous 
process that requires design, validation, manufacturing, quality control, supply chain management, 
distribution, inventory management and marketing. 
Envirofit is the leading manufacturer of Clean Technology Cookstoves and is also launching a premium Solar
System and Lighting product line. Envirofit is continually developing products to meet sector demands and has 
a relentless focus on quality, durability and customer service.  Envirofit is also developing manufacturing 
centers in east, west and South Africa regions. 
Envirofit is rapidly expanding into Africa and Latin America with established sales in over two dozen countries 
and expansion plans for a dozen more in the coming year.  With this rapid growth comes the need for a 
Manager of Carbon Programs to help manage and grow this sector of our business.
A significant portion of Envirofit’s business growth is based on the ability to monetize the carbon reduction 
seen with Envirofit’s stoves through the realization of carbon credits.  Envirofit is partnering with multiple 
cookstoves programs that utilize carbon finance to offset stove costs as well as developing our own carbon 
assets to allow us to expand our reach outside of existing programs.   We currently have a  portfolio with 
Voluntary, Gold Standard Voluntary and CDM carbon assets. Envirofit is seeking a Carbon Programs Manager
to help manage and grow this sector of our business.
  •  Develop & Manage Envirofit Carbon Programs and carbon assets – strategy, development and implementation through credit issuance and monetization. 
  •  Work with carbon development partners to manage timelines and  deliverables for Envirofit owned carbon assets, to ensure on time registration and issuance per projected timelines
  •  Work with Envirofit carbon partners to manage information flow and tracking of credits from nonEnvirofit carbon assets
  •  Manage / oversee monitoring efforts for carbon programs – work with partners to develop world class monitoring systems assuring proper training and rollout within Envirofit programs to assure maximization of trackability of stoves.  
  • Participate in validation site visits by third party carbon validators
  •  Work with carbon development partners to Liaise with Designated National Authorities (DNA’s) within countries to secure Letter of Authorization Support (LOA) 
  • Work with national, regional and local government officials to ensure programmatic progress and success of carbon programs
  •  Gather and analyze trends macro trends within carbon trading markets to help manage risk
  •  Work with executive team to negotiate Emissions Reduction Purchase Agreements (ERPA’s) for off take of generated credit
  • Communicate project statuses and risks at a high level to the executive team.
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