Carbon Research Analyst, Environmental Investment Organisation

Opportunity to volunteer part-time as an analyst for an international NGO tackling climate change


The EIO is an independent non-profit which researches, promotes and implements investment systems designed to incentivise the world’s biggest companies to cut thier greenhouse gas emissions. This year the EIO launched its first ever ET UK 100 and Europe 300 Carbon Rankings, holding Europe’s largest companies to account over their carbon emissions. These received international media attention and have already begun encouraging companies to make their emissions data public.

Over the next two months, the full series of global Carbon Rankings will be released, including the ET North America 300, Asia Pacific 300, BRIC 100 and Global 800 Carbon Rankings. This will bring the total number of companies under scrutiny to over 1,100 and provide a set of fully transparent and publicly available ranking to be updated annually.

Crucially, in addition to creating ‘PR pressure’, the rankings also provide the basis for the Environmental Tracking Index Series, a market mechanism capable of incentivising the world’s largest companies to lower their emissions and improve transparency through applying a dynamic pressure to company share price.

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Carbon Research Analyst

Start Date: As soon as possible
Finish: Mid-End of October 2011

From 2011 the EIO is looking to create an ‘open source style model’ for verifying its work in order to bridge resource gaps. This placement is ideally suited to motivated and enterprising individuals interested in Carbon reporting, CSR, Climate Change, Index Funds and Eco-financial innovation. Anyone undertaking this role would leave as an expert in GHG emissions reporting.

The Role:
This role involves assisting the EIO team in collecting relevant greenhouse gas emissions data from global companies, analysing the information, drawing conclusions and categorising it accordingly.

Volunteers will have the responsibility of auditing the EIO’s carbon data analysis in advance of the official publication of the Rankings. This will entail checking for more up to date data, verifying information that has been recorded, checking for errors and assessing conclusions that have been made, all within the framework of the ET Carbon Ranking methodology.

We would also be looking for volunteers who were interested in participating in the research behind the accompanying Carbon Ranking reports.

Required Skills:

  • Degree subjects: Maths, Sciences, Economics, Finance, Social Sciences, Environmental, Policy related subjects, although others considered;
  • Previous experience of research and/or analysis is desirable, but not necessary;
  • A willingness to take the initiative and be able to work independently, as well as part of team;
  • Be resourceful, highly motivated and diligent;
  • Excellent organisational skills and attention to detail is a must;
  • Available to work a minimum of 4 hours per week, although ideally available to contribute at least a day (8-10 hours) per week;
  • Able to commute daily into London or capable of working independently from home;
  • Proficient IT skills important.

In return you will benefit from:

-Fantastic experience within a young, very enterprising team;
-Opportunity to participate in an international network of professionals;
-Satisfaction in the knowledge you are at the forefront of the battle against climate change;
-A potential long-term position within the EIO moving forward.

Applicants will be screened on a rolling basis and only successful applicants will be contacted.
If you match our criteria, please send a CV and a one page cover letter to

Please note: this in an unpaid voluntary position.