ClearCarbon Consulting – Greenhouse Gas Analyst or Senior Analyst (with Agricultural Focus)

Greenhouse Gas Analysts at ClearCarbon are actively engaged in all aspects of project work. As a part of our business model, employees at all levels of the company are asked to interact directly with clients. We welcome applications from individuals who are self-motivated and eager to face new challenges.

An Analyst will have two to three years of direct working experience in agricultural GHG issues and over five years of consulting or related experience. A Senior Analyst will have five or more years of experience in agricultural GHG issues and over seven years of general working experience. Experience can be from consulting, corporate, government or non-profit positions. In addition, ideal candidates will have a Bachelor’s degree in environmental studies, engineering, economics or policy and/or a Master’s degree focused in these areas. The position title will be determined based on the candidate’s experience.

Qualified candidates will have a strong familiarity with:

  • Emissions from enteric fermentation and manure management for livestock (e.g., cows, swine, poultry)
  • Soil emissions from crops including rice
  • The WRI/WBCSD GHG Protocol
  • IPCC
  • DeNitrification-DeComposition Model (DNDC)
  • DOE 1605b
  • Background in soil science is beneficial, though not essential
  • Some familiarity with carbon markets such as CDM, VCS, CAR

The candidate should be prepared to also participate or lead the following activities on a routine basis:

  • Contribute to client engagements that focus on corporate emissions inventory development, environmental policies, energy and environmental strategies, and reduction programs;
  • Develop proficiency in reviewing and manipulating large sums of energy and emissions data using spreadsheet and database applications;
  • Participate in the development of proposals and other marketing materials;
  • Use and manage data, create project presentations, visuals, and databases;
  • Lead project engagements;
  • Author technical project deliverables;
  • Travel to domestic and foreign sites as deemed appropriate by senior managers of the firm.
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