Climate Change Stabilization Specialist, U.S. Department of Agriculture

Job Title:  Climate Change Stabilization Specialist (Inter-Agency Liaison)
Grade: GS-0301-13
Type of Appointment:  Excepted Service (Time Limit) Appointment
Length of Appointment:   Up to 5 years
Area of Consideration:  All Sources
You must be a U.S. citizen to apply for this position and be able to obtain a secret security clearance. This is a USDA/FAS Excepted Service, Schedule B appointment for up to five years.
The individual selected for this position will be administratively assigned to the Rural Development and Natural Resources Branch (RDNR) Branch of the Development Resources and Disaster Assistance Division (DRDA), Office of Capacity Building and Development (OCBD), Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture (FAS/OCBD/DRDA/RDNR) but will be located in and work directly with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) in Washington, D.C.  Job posting can also be found here:
Organizationally situated in the USAID Bureau for Democracy, Conflict and Humanitarian Assistance, (DCHA) provides comprehensive technical support and leadership for U.S. government stabilization assistance programs world-wide.  DCHA is structured into four technical divisions (Rule of Law, Elections and Political Processes, Civil Society and Media, and Governance) and one cross-cutting division (Strategic Planning and Research).  This position would be a member of the Strategic Planning and Research division.   More information about the Office can be found here:  
The Climate Change Stabilization Specialist (Inter-Agency Liaison) will be responsible for forging strong professional partnerships with other Federal Departments and Agencies in developing and implementing inter-agency efforts to combat the threat of climate change in cooperation with developing nations.  In particular, s/he will also assist with the integration of democracy, governance and stabilization approaches with the USAID Climate Change Initiative (CCI).  S/he must have knowledge of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the efforts of the USG in the field of climate change, stabilization, and developing nations. 
The incumbent will have knowledge of linkages between climate change and democracy and governance, particularly in developing nations, such as the role of civil society and think tanks to advocate for climate change policies, public administration and local governments to plan and budget for climate change adaptation, media and journalists to provide objective and accurate information about climate change, legislatures and ministries to draft and implement climate change-related laws and policies, government and non-government oversight bodies to enforce climate change-related laws and policies, and rule of law to promotes well-functioning and accountable law enforcement and judicial systems to effectively and appropriately deal with issues that result from or exacerbate climate change, such as scarcity of water or illegal logging. 
To apply, please send a) a cover letter that directly and individually addresses each of the required skills listed below and b) your current resume of experience and qualifications to the Program Officer listed below.
Note:  Applications that do not include a cover letter that directly and individually addresses the required skills will not be considered.
Required Qualifications and Skills:
* Knowledge of the Framework Convention on Climate Change and the efforts of the U.S. Government in the field of climate change and developing nations.
* Possession of at least a Master’s degree or equivalent experience in fields such as public policy, science, international affairs, energy, agriculture, or environment.
* Demonstrated ability to foster linkages between science, technology, and policy, and to clearly and concisely, in writing and orally, convey to various audiences technical concepts, technical information and policy positions regarding global climate change and international development.   
* Demonstrated knowledge of and/or experience in all of the following (with in-depth knowledge/experience in at least one of the following): (a) developing country efforts to promote environmentally sustainable development and address relevant implications of climate change; (b) supporting stabilization in developing countries, and (c) linkages between climate change and stabilization.  
* Proven ability to guide teams and work with management to implement programs and recommendations to improve program performance and resolve problems.
The position is located in Washington, DC, but will require the ability to travel, particularly to developing countries, sometimes under strenuous conditions in remote locations.
Candidates are strongly urged to email their applications due to technical delays and service delays in the postal system. Attachments should be limited to a total of 5 MB or less, as e-mails with large attachments may be blocked by the USDA e-mail firewall.
Program Officer:  Abiola Adeyemi
Email Address:
Telephone:  (202) 720-8096
FAX:  (202) 720-6364
Mailing Address:  U.S. Department of Agriculture, FAS/OCBD/DRDA, 1400 Independence Avenue, SW, Room 3208-S, STOP 1033, Washington, DC 20250-1033
*NOTE* USDA employees may be able to be detailed from their home USDA agency (which would be reimbursed for personnel costs plus administrative costs) retain their career status, and return to their home unit at the conclusion of the assignment.