Climate change & Sustainability Services at KPMG

We are looking for individuals for the following positions

1. Advisory – Climate Change
a. These people would be EU ETS consultants who have experience in coordinating the implementation of governance, risk, technical, commercial responses to GHG reporting, carbon price and ETS regulations. The reason behind these individuals is that we believe that companies will move from lobbying to implementation from Jan 2012. Experience with the EU ETS would be a significant differentiator in our markets.
b. Looking for two senior managers (one based in Melbourne and the other based in Sydney)
2. Advisory – Climate Change
a. We are looking for a carbon/water engineers who have multi-sectoral experience in accounting (data), strategy development (risk and opportunities), screening mitigation plans (cost curves). Value chain (upstream and downstream) experience in impacts and opportunities would be of significant advantage. The thought process behind these individuals is that many companies are likely to be developing or appraising and challenging their carbon strategies/position. Water has been added in as the skill sets are similar and it would be ideal to find one person with both.
b. Looking for two managers (one based in Melbourne and/or Sydney and/or Perth)

3. Advisory – Biodiversity (Sustainability)

a. These people would be deep subject matter specialists in sustainability subjects such as biodiversity mitigation, ohs and/ or community/social impacts. They would have experience in strategy, KPI development, policy development and analysis and impact analysis and reporting. Multi-sectoral preferred with particular interest in pension/super funds (e.g., CALpers) and ENR (e.g., Anglo or Chevron). Ideally the candidate would come from industry or a highly rated and connected think tank/NGO like WBCSD/WRI. The thought process behind these individuals is that sustainability will be increasingly relevant to companies as they grapple with integrated reporting. Sustainability strategy, facilitated by well networked and credible professionals from industry or blue chip NGOs, would be a competitive advantage. Mining companies and Oil/Gas multinationals are at the cutting edge of risk management and initiatives over managing sustainability issues. They are also well networked in multiple industry forums e.g., ICMM, IPIECA, GRI. As the sustainability assurance market grows, CC&S will need to have increasing numbers of SMEs with strong credentials that the assurance team can leverage.
b. Looking for two individuals. One would be an Associate Director and the other a manager
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