Climate Resilient Green Economy (CRGE) – Capacity Needs Assessment Junior Expert – United Nations Development Program


  • To conduct detailed institutional, individual and system capacity assessment of MoI and its affiliated institutions;
  • To identify gaps and opportunities for further capacity development initiatives and develop sustainable capacity development programme;
  • To develop tools for mainstreaming CC in the industry sector.

Scope of Assignment: 

The scope of the capacity assessment is an analysis of desired capacities against existing capacities which generates an understanding of capacity assets and needs that informs the formulation of a capacity development response. The scope covers   MoI and its affiliated intuitions in association with implementation of the CRGE strategy. The scope of the assessment will cover the following topics:
  • Design Capacity Assessment Approach:  The consultant will design a comprehensive and tailored capacity assessment methodology based on the UNDP capacity assessment framework, process and tools. The consultant has to closely work with the CRGE team within MOI and UNDP Country Office during design of the Capacity Assessment Methodology and selection of capacity assessment tools. However, the quality initial proposal during the application will be a taken as key criteria in selection of the consultant.
  • Conduct Detailed Capacity Need Assessment: The consultants will conduct a systemic/enabling environment, institutional and individual capacity needs assessment of MOI Structure   at federal level, based on the agreed tools and techniques.
  • Develop Capacity Development programme: Based on the findings of the capacity needs assessment exercise, the consultant will develop a comprehensive and bankable capacity development programme that will enable MOI in short, medium and long term discharge its key functions in the course of planning and implementation of CEGE compliant industrial development.
  • Develop tools: The consultants are expected to review existing tools and instruments or develop new tools/instrument to mainstream CRGE in industrial sector policy and Planning.
  • Inception report;
  • Draft consolidated capacity needs assessment report;
  • Draft Bankable capacity development program ;
  • Mainstreaming tool;
  • National workshop to discuss the finding of the capacity assessment;
  • Final consolidated report;
Role of the junior expert:
  • Will be co- responsible for overall delivery the service as pert the details included in this TOR together with the lead consultant;
  • Under the direct supervision of the lead consultant the junior expert collaborate to , prepare detailed work plan and agree on deliverables;
  • Technically and administratively support   lead  consultant;
  • Will report to the lead consultant.


The consultant will be reporting to the relevant division of the Ministry of Industry and UNDP CO and work under the supervision of the ministry. There will be an inception and progress report. The draft technical report will be reviewed by the Ministry of Industry and UNDP CO. The consultant should incorporate feedbacks to client satisfaction.
  • Advanced degree in economics, engineering, environment or related discipline
  • At least seven years of experience in industry sector or environmental intuitions or higher education and research organization 
  • Proven track record of capacity needs assessment or relevant experience of similar work,
  • Proven extensive knowledge of intuitional analysis, and understanding of institutional setup of Ethiopia. 
  • Knowledge of and the CRGE initiatives, the Green Economy  Strategy and UNFCCC
  • Excellent analytical, writing, communication and reporting skills
  • Ability to deliver on time
  • Speaks English

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