Conservation Business and Finance Specialist – The Nature Conservancy

The Conservation Business Specialist works closely with Mexico´s Comision Nacional de Areas Naturales Protegidas – CONANP, the German Organization for International Cooperation (GIZ) and with GITEC Consult GmbH, under the auspice of a contract for services that was recently executed with TNC. This five year long project, funded by the German Government, consists in the creation of an ecological corridor to be implemented in the Sierra Madre Oriental. The project focuses on i) creating the governance structure that is needed to create the corridor.  and ii) the implementation and modification (or “greening”) of economic instruments for nature conservation.  GITEC and TNC will be working in the second component. Hence, the Conservation Business Specialist will be seated at GIZ´s offices and will work directly with GITEC´s and GIZ´s staff.
Summing up, the Conservation Business Specialist will analyze both public and private existing financial and market based instruments, propose alternative ways to make them more efficient under a vision of sustainability for the region. Also, the Conservation Business Specialist will propose new market based instruments to achieve this vision of sustainable development for the corridor.
  • Economic valuation. Economic valuation of biodiversity or ecosystems will be made for specific cases in which economic valuation will be used as the main argument to modify or create economic instruments for conservation and sustainable development. 
  • Economic analysis of public policy. For existing public policies, analysis will be made regarding their contribution to the reach the development goals under this new sustainable vision of the corridor. This will allow identifying which existing policies should be supported and probably modified to be more efficient. But also, which policies should be modified in order to have better conservation impacts. 
  • Design of economic instruments. Once the most important economic instruments are identified, the Conservation Business Specialist should propose innovative ways to either make the instrument more efficient, or “green” the existing instrument. Also, it will be the responsibility of the Conservation Business Specialist to propose new economic instruments which may involve public or private stakeholders. 
  • Monitoring. A strategy for monitoring the effects of the project´s intervention will be designed. This monitoring should consider biophysical, social and economic variables. Finally, it should be supported on existing monitoring efforts of local stakeholders. 
  • Training in environmental economics.Coordinate with TNC colleagues across the organization, as well as with other academic bodies to offer training in issues related to environmental economics such as basic concepts of environmental economics, economic valuation, etc.
  • Bachelor’s degree in economics, public policy, or related; and 4 years’ experience in natural resources , economics or equivalent combination of education and related experience.
  • Communications experience including presenting to business leaders, investors, or equivalent; and working in partnership with other organizations.
  • Experience with MS Office, Word, Excel and Database management (if required).
  • Ability to work with partners/government agencies without violating any restrictions related to conflicts of interest.
  • Experience with relational databases and spreadsheet tools.
  • In-depth understanding of finance issues related to conservation projects.
  • Experience in developing, directing and managing multiple projects.
  • Experience implementing strategic program goals.
  • Fluency in both Spanish and English

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in economics, Natural Resources Management or related; and 4 years’ experience in natural resources, economics or equivalent combination of education and related experience. Master’s degree may be preferred or required.
  • General understanding of conservation and development issues, including current trends and practices in conservation; forest, freshwater, marine and coastal management; and livelihood / human welfare issues related to natural resources.
  • In-depth understanding of finance issues related to conservation.
  • Strong skills and knowledge in the following areas:  developing financial strategies, financial modeling and analysis, and designing financial mechanisms.Working knowledge of current trends in relevant discipline (PES, TEEB, REDD etc).
  • Ability to explain conservation finance practices and concepts to technical and non-technical audiences.
  • Excellent communication skills and fluency in both Spanish and English.
  • Understanding of and relevant experience in the culture of the country/region.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the business and environmental needs and practices of the pertinent region
  • Demonstrated experience in MS Office, Word and Excel. 
  • Excellent analytical and quantitative skills and the ability to manipulate, analyze and interpret data.
  • Ability to pull in resources and experiences from across TNC and other partner organizations where and when needed.
  • Ability to work within very diverse, matrix-based teams.
  • Ability to manage time and diverse activities under deadlines, while delivering quality results  

All applications must be submitted in the system prior to 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on April 24, 2013.To apply, submit resume and cover letter as one document. 
Read more about the position here.