Dir, Communications Water/ Climate – THE COCA COLA COMPANY

 This existing position leads all global communications on our water and climate initiatives across more than 200 countries. The role has responsibility for communications strategy, messaging, ensuring a 360 approach across all stakeholders, providing support to field colleagues and partners and execution.

In addition this role represents the public affairs & communications function on sustainability indices to include tracking, prioritization and completion of the indices in which the Company participates. This role works across closely with colleagues in Public Affairs & Communications, Technical, Office of Sustainability, Marketing and Legal.
Function Specific Activities
Develop and implement communications strategies to support Company’s business objectives with key audiences (e.g., consumers, customers, investors, bottlers, media, government, community leaders, employees and other constituents). 
Advise senior mana
gement and other functions on the impact their business decisions have on key constituencies (e.g., media, government, investors) in order to manage the Company’s reputation. 
Prepare Q&A, talking points or position statements to ensure the use of Company-approved language in communicating with all audiences in order to maintain consistency and accuracy of communications. 
Create appropriate communications materials (e.g., speeches, brochures, reports, news releases, web site content, tweets, blogs and other social media content, video and photography) for all audiences. 
Research and develop story ideas to proactively engage media and generate awareness and positive media coverage. 
Distribute Company communications to key audiences using various methods (e.g., satellite feeds, internet/intranet channels, news distribution services) in order to reach key constituencies. 
Build personal relationships, through contributions, sponsorships, meetings, entertaining or responsiveness to requests with key contacts in media, community, government, institutional/individual investors, customers, bottlers or advocacy groups in order to increase their receptivity to the Company’s products, ingredients, plans, strategies or financial results. 
Respond to inquiries from or initiate contact with external audiences via personal contact, phone, email, letters in order to manage relationships, clarify Company positions and build goodwill. 
Tracks, prioritizes, manages and oversees the Company’s participation in sustainability indices.  Works across multiple functions and ensures content is accurate and complete, and submitted on time.
Arrange interviews for executives with media outlets in order to convey the Company’s business strategy and performance.  
Advise functions inside the Company on developments within government, investment, community or other external situations that impact the operations of the business or pose barriers to business growth so they may take appropriate actions. 
Serve as Company’s spokesperson to the media on issues and announcements in order to manage the Company’s communication and to ensure one voice to the external audiences. 
Manage press conferences, briefings, special events, conference calls and other public events in order to convey information to key external audiences. 
Issue news releases on material information to the media and stock exchanges in order to meet requirements of the SEC and the various exchanges and avoid fines or adverse publicity. 
Monitor and issue periodic reports on press, internet or analyst coverage of the Company and the industry to enable management to make informed business decisions. 
Communicate and leverage the value of Company sponsorships and activities using publicity in order to build goodwill, cause consumers and customers to choose Company products, and cause key constituents to promote or defend Company interests. 
Prepare (e.g., coach, train, rehearse with) senior management to serve as effective media spokespersons in order to enable them to represent the Company well. 
Give presentations to all audiences (investors, bottlers, customers, schools and other key constituencies) in order to increase their receptivity to the Company’s plans, strategies or financial results. 
Identify outstanding communications agencies and consultants and establish relationships in order to harness their capability when needed. 
Obtain necessary approval from third parties for their inclusion in Company’s communications in order to meet all legal requirements. 
Job Requirements – The following is a listing of minimum indicated requirements for this job.
Education Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent work experience
Related Work Experience At least 10 years

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