Director, Carbon Advisory Services


This role aims at building a highly visible presence capable of responding to established and emerging regulatory and voluntary GHG markets. We are seeking a senior level individual who can respond to the changing needs of KPMG’s external clients based out of our Toronto office. Initial marketing efforts will focus on organizations operating in Canadian Provinces with established GHG regulatory programs. Target clients will include major GHG emitters, project developers/aggregators, and well-funded municipal, regional and Federal government initiatives. This role will be responsible for leveraging existing global capabilities into Canada and helping drive expansion opportunities, including strategic recruitment and potential acquisitions and alliances.


Bachelor’s Degree in Forestry, Natural Resource Management or related field required
15+ years of experience within related disciplines

· 10+ years of consulting and/or senior management experience
· 5+ years of GHG advisory and verification experience
· Demonstrated North American marketplace credibility as a GHG subject matter expert
· Strong leadership skills with the ability to offer strategic insight and direction
· Excellent written and oral business communication skills
· Excellent facilitation skills
· Strong experience with strategic corporate clients with North American assets and business interests. Demonstrated experience with strategic planning , consensus, and relationship building
· Proven track record in large scale project management
· Demonstrated ability to lead and manage carbon advisory projects
· Proven track record in business development
· Demonstrated ability to interact effectively with a diverse group of clients
· Ability to identify critical drivers to client service delivery
· Demonstrated ability to quickly build strong internal and external networks
· Evidence of client networking success
· Postgraduate degree or equivalent with extensive related education in this field.

Permanent/Part Time: Permanent

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