The Director of Market Development will develop and implement the Alliance’s market enabling approach/framework and activities towards achieving the Alliance’s goal of 100m households adopting clean cooking solutions by 2020.

The Director will support the implementation of a range of activities on the global level to enable markets, including: attracting more social investment (by for example promoting the sector at key global forums), making it easier and cheaper for stove enterprises to access carbon finance (for example by creating a one-stop-shop web portal for stove carbon finance) and driving technological  innovation  and enterprise development (through innovation and working capital funds, respectively) – and are already starting to implement these.
In parallel, the Director will focus primarily on the Alliance’s market enabling efforts in 2-3 ‘Focus’ target regions or countries, with a secondary focus on the Alliance’s 4-6 ‘Active’ countries.
Focus Regions/Countries: Candidate focus regions/countries include: East Africa (Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda), Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Vietnam. We plan to initially focus efforts in 3-5 of these focus regions/countries where impact will be transformative in nature. Here, the Alliance will work with all stakeholders to deliver a wide range of in-country market enabling activities – collecting and publishing market information, working with governments to create favorable regulatory and policy environments, enhancing stove value-chains through capacity building organizations and helping improve access to finance.
Active Countries: Candidate active countries include: Ghana, Guatemala, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria and Peru. The Alliance will also address major market barriers in select active countries by prioritizing 1-2 targeted interventions that will help take the market for clean cookstoves and fuels to the next level.
India/China: The Alliance is developing specific relationships with both China and India given their unique position as both donor and implementing partners with significant stove-related experience.  They will likely fall into a separate category of leadership partner.
The Director will also contribute to the development and implementation of the overall strategic vision of the Alliance. 

To develop and implement the Alliance’s market enabling approach and activities, delivering tangible and measurable benefits to the cookstove sector. To do this primarily in the Alliance’s Focus countries but also in its Active countries and on the global level. Specifically:
•    Finalize the Alliance’s in-region/country market enabling approach/framework and its priority geographies.
•    Understand the needs of players in the clean cookstove and fuel value-chain (e.g. stove entrepreneurs and businesses, NGOs, MFIs, investors) and keep abreast of new developments in the global cookstove market.
•    Work with key stakeholders in Alliance priority regions/countries to finalize then implement so-called ‘Country Action Plans’ (CAPs); documents that define what the Alliance – both the Secretariat and its 350 Partners – will do and how it will do it.
•    Recruit then manage a team (exact size TBD but likely 2-4), mostly located in Focus regions/countries with the ability to work with Partners to implement the CAPs.
•    Manage, with the team, all existing in-region/country Alliance stakeholders; wherever possible obtaining their enthusiastic support for and buy-in to the Alliance’s work and the CAPs.
•    Identify and take account of lessons learned from similar non-stove market enabling initiatives e.g. Lighting Africa and the Aspen Network for Development Entrepreneurs.
•    Manage and co-ordinate relationships with other similar market enabling stoves initiatives, including the World Bank’s Africa Clean Cooking Initiative, Asian Develpoment Bank and other large bilaterally funded cookstove  initiatives.
•    Work with the Executive Director and the rest of the Alliance team to support the overall implementation of the Alliance’s Strategic Business Plan.
•    Robustly monitor and evaluate all Alliance market enabling activities and evolve them based on a constant feedback loop with key stakeholders.

Selection Criteria
•    Master’s degree in a relevant subject e.g. business or international development/ affairs.
•    At least 10 years professional experience in both business and international development, including significant experience working on-the-ground.
•    Experience at the Base-of-the-Pyramid promoting Clean Cookstoves and fuels and/or products at a similar price point and facing similar challenges e.g. solar lanterns or water purifiers.
•    Significant experience developing and managing complex, multi-stakeholder, multi-geography initiatives directly delivering change.
•    Ability to manage diverse teams based remotely.
•    Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
•    Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite to include Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint.
•    Ability to work independently, as well as member of a team and to be flexible to accommodate the needs of a global team.
•    Ability to take initiative; self-starter; innovative.
•    Demonstrated ability to prioritize multiple, competing priorities.
•    Dependable and consistent.
•    Personal commitment to UN Foundation and the Alliance’s vision and mission.
•    Ability to travel extensively, particularly to Africa and Asia.
Experience working in the household energy sector and a detailed understanding of clean cooking technologies and fuels.

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