Director of Sales, Kenya/E Africa – Envirofit International

Envirofit International ( is a multi-national corporation headquartered in 

Colorado, USA, with a mission to develop and disseminate technologies that reduce pollution 
and enhance energy efficiency in developing countries. The company designs, develops and 
distributes well-engineered energy products for low-income markets that have traditionally 
been overlooked. The development of products and markets is a rigorous process that requires 
design, validation, manufacturing, quality control, supply chain management, distribution, and 
inventory management, sales and marketing.
Envirofit is the leading manufacturer of Clean Technology Cookstoves and is also launching a 
premium Solar Lighting product line. Envirofit is continually developing products to meet sector 
demands and has a relentless focus on quality, durability and customer service.
Envirofit is rapidly expanding into Africa with established sales in over 10 countries  and 
expansion plans for more than a dozen more in the coming year.  With this rapid growth 
comes the need for in country manufacturing of cookstoves as well as increased distributor 
development / oversight, customer support and product monitoring for carbon credit recovery.  
Envirofit is seeking a Director of  Sales for the Kenya / East African markets to help manage
current accounts and grow this sector of our business.
  • Oversee and Manage East Africa regional distribution partners and strategies  
  •  Develop distribution and sales partners and manage relationships (including NGO and non-traditional partner development) 
  •  Develop and manage orders and order forecasts from customers – 12 month rolling orecasts / 90 day firm 
  •  Gather and analyze trends and market information  
  • Feedback product performance and market data (Voice of Customer) into R&D, product development and marketing efforts 
  •  Help manage and drive margins for the Envirofit Africa P&L
  •  Work with national, regional and local government officials to ensure programmatic progress and success 
  •  Work with the Kenya production team to streamline order fulfillment process  
  •  Assist the Carbon Programs Manager with monitoring efforts for carbon programs and participate in validation site visits by third party carbon validators as needed

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