The Chief of the Climate Change and Sustainability Division (CCS), reports to the Infrastructure and Environment Sector Manager (INE) under the Vice President for Sectors and Knowledge (VPS). The Latin-American and Caribbean Region (LAC) is being highly impacted by the effects of climate change, worsening already precarious conditions including high levels of poverty or deficient infrastructure. Understanding the impacts of climate change in the region and translating this knowledge into improved development policy are critical elements for growth and for sustainable poverty reduction.
Fostering resilient and low carbon development requires, among other things a new generation of development and planning programs and policies. The IDB recognizes these challenges and Climate Change Division’s central mandate is to address them. CCS focuses on the following subjects: mitigation and adaptation initiatives at a country and regional level, supporting other Divisions and Departments across the organization to mainstream climate change mitigation and adaptation into the Bank operations; assist countries in the inclusion of the climate change issues into infrastructure planning; support countries in the usage of current and future financial mechanisms and potential subsidies for the design and implementation of mitigation and adaptation programs and the deployment of low carbon technologies and the promotion of green growth.
The Division Chief will support the Bank’s strategy and operations in the areas of climate change and sustainability. A key component of the responsibilities will be to ensure a successful management of the technical and professional talent in these areas and lead a collaboration process with other Divisions and Departments across the organization to translate innovation in Bank products, processes, and instruments into relevant programs and projects outcomes.
- Advises Management on the development of strategies, policies and guidelines for the Bank and borrowing member countries in the areas outlined above.
- Provides strategic advice in Climate Change and Sustainability to other Divisions and Departments within the Bank. 
- Coordinates CCS staff participation, as team members, in the preparation and execution of Bank operations (sovereign and non-sovereign guaranteed loan operations; technical assistance, policy dialogues and institutional capacity building activities; policy oriented research and analysis) ensuring high-standard of quality.
- Represent the Bank in international fora associated with financial mechanisms and subsidies established by the international community to mitigate and adapt to climate change and green growth. 
- Works in close collaboration with the Natural Resources and Environment, Energy, Water and Sanitation, and Transport Divisions to mainstream climate change in the Bank’s infrastructure operations 
- Provides specialized technical support to executing agencies, Country Offices and other units of the Bank in matters related to Climate Change and Sustainability.
- Leads/conducts specialized knowledge work and/or applied research, among others, in the following fields: climate change financial instruments, institutional policy framework for climate change, and any other cutting edge research area that can help countries comply with their commitment towards UNFCCC.
- Leads the sharing, dissemination, and application of knowledge, establishing partnerships with relevant institutions, including governments, international organizations, regional agencies, the academic community, and civil society.
- Manages highly skilled interdisciplinary and multi-cultural staff, located in Washington D.C. and in country offices in Latin America and the Caribbean.
Education: Master degree (PhD preferred) in engineering, environmental science, economics, public policy, environmental, natural resources or other relevant fields with specialized knowledge on climate change issues.

- At least 10 years of relevant experience related to the key responsibilities of the position.
- Proven experience in Latin America or the Caribbean is strongly preferred. Strong technical background and proven management track record.
- The ideal candidate should be recognized as an authority among peers in his/her specific discipline. Peer-reviewed publications (journals or books) in the area of climate change are a plus.
- Candidate should combine strong intellectual leadership with: a) a track record of successfully designing or/and implementing projects and programs in the areas related to the key responsibilities, and b) broad experience in working with knowledge networks and knowledge dissemination and management in climate change.
- Professional and personal stature to lead technically strong teams.
- Experience in managing multi-disciplinary and/or cross-sector teams, with demonstrated well-honed integration skills.Languages: Proficiency in English and Spanish. Knowledge of additional Bank’s official languages (Portuguese and French) is a plus.

1. Technical Sector Dialogue
Engages in policy dialogue based on solid knowledge of the sector, development challenges of client countries, and IDB policies, strategies and guidelines. 
2. Project Analysis and Design
Conceptualizes, prepares and participates in the approval of projects and programs (loans and technical cooperation), in coordination with other team members and the respective authorities. 
3. Change Management
Formulates and implements integrated change proposals to contribute to sector modernization and transformation in borrowing countries. 
4. Project Supervision
Effectively supports the execution of projects and programs to maximize their results. 
1. Developing People and Teams to Deliver Results: Builds talent and capability inside the organization through coaching, mentoring, training, developmental assignments and knowledge sharing.
2. Promoting Diversity and Inclusion: Improve and ensure a diverse environment and actively work to build, coach and empower teams with diverse background (e.g. gender, ethnic origin, disability, sexual orientation, background,
3. Leading Change: Accelerates organizational transformation through the management of change and support for employee innovation.
4. Building Engagement and Commitment: Develops engagement and commitment by setting challenging goals, acknowledging employee efforts, creating involvement and participation, hearing multiple perspectives and driving
a unified approach.
5. Acting Strategically to Deliver Results: Delivers results for the client and IDB that ensure sustainability and support the organization’s strategy, mission and vision.More information here.