Ecosystem Services Specialist, Temporary – The Willamette Partnership

The Organization:
The Willamette Partnership (Partnership) is a nonprofit 501c3 working to expand the pace, scope, and effectiveness of conservation throughout the Western United States. We are internationally recognized as leaders in the field of ecosystem markets, but are broadly interested in the incentives, policies, and actions people can take to enhance clean water, clean air, and natural places to play—ecosystem services. 

(The responsibilities and duties listed below are not intended to reflect all duties that may be assigned to 
this position.  The Partnership may augment duties and/or responsibilities at its discretion.  Additionally, 
some staff may not perform all responsibilities and duties.)
  • Gather, process, analyze and present information that supports ongoing Partnership projects related to the policy and science, operations, and extension of ecosystem markets and other conservation incentive programs.
  • Prepare memos, publications, and presentations to support Partnership projects.
  • Seek new ideas and innovations to increase the pace, scope, and effectiveness of conservation.
  • Perform a variety of general duties as assigned.
Expected Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Principles and practices of conservation and environmental policy implementation; 
  • Methods of research, data gathering, and analysis; 
  • Synthesizing and presenting information in professional forms accessible to diverse audiences. 
  • Applying concepts of economics, ecology, public policy, and other disciplines to understanding complex problems and developing innovative solutions; 
  • Use of computers and software for word processing, spreadsheets, calendars, and messaging; 
  • Writing concisely and clearly.

  • Coordinate and manage projects to completion within scheduled deadlines and with high quality and accurate results;
  • Learn the inner working of water quality models for temperature and nutrients;
  • Identify problems, analyze issues, and present alternative solutions;
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with stakeholders and community groups; 
  • Operate effectively on individual projects and in a team environment; 
  • Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, and maintain composure under pressure; 
  • Remain flexible despite interruptions and/or routine changes to priorities and/or job duties.
Candidates must have completed an undergraduate degree in  environmental sciences, natural resource 
economics, public policy, planning, natural resources management, or  another related field. Candidates 
with a masters degree in a related field are preferred. 

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