Energy and Climate Change Senior Policy Advisor, E3G

*Application extension* Energy and Climate Change Senior Policy Advisor (Berlin)

Effective incentives are needed to drive the transformation to a global low carbon economy over the next 50 years if we are to limit average global temperature rises below 2°C. Europe is the first major economy to commit to this scale of transformation, and as such will drive much of the necessary political, technological, policy and social innovation needed to deliver the global transformation.

E3G is committed to help accelerate Europe’s path-finding role in developing the low carbon economy. E3G has been working in this area since 2004 with notable successes such as helping reframing EU political debates around energy and climate security; securing EU funding for a programme of CCS demonstration plants; being a core partner in the landmark Roadmap 2050 study; and establishing a UK Green Investment Bank.

E3G has recently secured funding for the next five years to accelerate decarbonisation of the EU power sector, with a focus on electricity market reform, EU electricity grids and smart grid markets. E3G is also expanding its European work on low carbon finance, clean infrastructure and the green economy.

In light of this expansion E3G wishes to strengthen its European team by hiring a Senior Energy and Climate Change Policy Advisor based in Berlin, with a particular focus on EU energy infrastructure issues.

The successful candidate will work as part of a ten person team working on EU climate and energy policy based across E3G’s London, Brussels and Berlin offices.

Specific tasks will involve:

>        Developing a structured and strategic understanding of European energy and climate change policy with a focus on the issues surrounding the evolution of EU energy infrastructure (supergrid, smart grids, gas infrastructure).

>        Working to influence decision makers across Europe to support stronger investment in strategic electricity infrastructure, including through the coordination of multi-stakeholder coalitions.

>        Carrying out policy and institutional research on energy issues, focused pieces of analysis, including quantitative work and preparing reports and short briefings on topics for a range of policy and political audiences.

>        Managing specific influencing and research projects, including coordinating external stakeholders and contractors.

>        Acting as a key E3G interlocutor on specific domestic European climate change and energy policy issues across Europe with senior decision makers, the media and the public.

>        Building a strong understanding of German domestic energy and climate change politics and policy. Deepening and expanding E3G’s collaboration with a core group of partner institutions in Germany.

>        Playing a full part in E3G’s internal strategy process and the European energy and climate team. Supporting the development of E3G Berlin.

E3G operates a “flat” organisational structure and aims to give staff members the opportunity to grow their responsibilities for delivering and managing projects. We are specifically looking for an individual with the potential to take on increasingly more responsibilities and progress to the role of Programme Leader.

E3G’s European Climate Change Programme

E3G has an established set of programmes on European decarbonisation and a range of areas where we are seeking to expand our work. The Senior Policy Advisor will be responsible for delivery of specific parts of these programmes and be involved in indentifying and developing new high impact areas: 

>        Elaborating and animating a coherent EU energy and climate security strategy: building on the existing EU energy and climate security package to deepen the understanding and support in Europe for a compelling and coherent approach to delivering European energy goals and the transformation to a low carbon economy. Particularly engaging critical constituencies outside the climate and energy field, for example, national political leadership groups, national security actors, foreign ministries and economic ministries.

>        Decarbonisation of the European Power Sector: developing and delivering broad support for the strategic case for rapid decarbonisation of the EU power sector by the mid-2030s. Delivering specific policy outcomes on electricity market reform, supergrid investment (including on the North Sea Grid) and smart grid RD&D and deployment.

>        European Low Carbon Finance: building on E3G’s successful work in creating a UK Green Investment Bank to target specific high leverage reforms to European financing of low carbon investment at Member State and European (EIB/EBRD) levels. Focusing on energy efficiency, infrastructure and the power sector.

>        European Green Economy: developing a compelling analytical case for, and a policy programme to deliver, the economic, energy security and competitiveness benefits of an accelerated move to a low carbon, resilient and resource efficient economy in the EU.

>        Work with EU Political, Business and Civil Society Coalitions: developing E3G’s relationships with key political, business and civil society coalitions, including forming strategic relationships with a small number of highly aligned partners. 


The Energy and Climate Change Senior Policy Advisor will:

>        Be committed to achieving E3G’s objectives, and to working in an innovative and entrepreneurial manner. She/he will have strong strategic and political understanding, will prioritise achieving outcomes over running activities, and be capable of inspiring and facilitating action by others.

>        Have at least 5 years of professional experience, perhaps more, as an acknowledged high flyer with a significant record of achievements.

>        Have significant experience of energy policy issues, with an emphasis on climate change, energy security, electricity markets, infrastructure and investment processes. Ideally, have expertise in quantitative and/or technical analysis of energy systems and various types of energy system modelling.

>        Ideally, have experience of building consensus in Europe around sensitive issues, creating and facilitating dialogue and agreement.

>        Be used to operating internationally, with a high degree of cultural sensitivity;

>        Have strong written and spoken English and German.

>        Be able to operate confidently both at an “expert” level, in the worlds of government, business, finance, the media, and civil society.


This position is based in E3G’s Berlin office. It is programmed for 2 years, on a renewable one year contract, starting as soon as possible.

E3G offers a competitive salary consistent with the experience and performance levels expected of the successful candidate.

Closing date for applications is 5pm BST on October 21, 2011. Interested candidates should submit a current CV (including two referees) and a covering letter explaining their interest in the position to