Energy & GHG Management Specialist, PPR

PPR is recruiting another strong addition to its sustainability team at PPR HOME                          

PPR is a leading French Group which develops a portfolio of high-growth global brands. Through its Luxury, Sport & Lifestyle and other Consumer companies, PPR generated sales of €14.6 billion in 2010. The Group is present in 59 countries with approximately 60,000 employees. PPR shares are listed on Euronext Paris.

Recognizing that sustainability is rapidly becoming a business imperative, presenting opportunities as well as challenges, the PPR Group has created a new sustainability initiative, PPR HOME, to ensure its continued success over the long term. This initiative will embody PPR’s commitment to reinforcing the economic, social and ecological foundations that support its businesses and the planet.  PPR HOME provides a hub of technical support to the brands within the PPR Group and is organized along four programmatic themes: Leadership, Creativity, Humanity and Ecology.

In this context, PPR HOME has created a high-performance team and is recruiting an ENERGY & GHG MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST to develop an operational plan for emission reductions, financial savings and transitioning to cleaner energy technologies in PPR and its brand


The Energy & GHG Management Specialist will work with other technical specialists in PPR’s sustainability programme and staff within the brands to deliver the agreed outcomes, targets and milestones of PPR’s Creative Sustainability Strategy.

Main duties and responsibilities

His/her main role will have elements across PPR and its brands, which include the following responsibilities:

  • Benchmarking the current greenhouse gas footprint of factories, warehouses, stores, offices, transport and business travel across PPR and its brands  
  • Work with other specialists and staff of brands to explore the use of PPR HOME’s Environmental Profit and Loss approach to target areas for action
  • Establish an energy strategy across PPR and its brands to reduce the footprint of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, while transitioning the remaining energy needs to cleaner technologies based on:

-          agreed targets and timelines for improvements

-          identification of necessary improvements and opportunities for approaching them

-          the goal of reducing relative expenditure on carbon offsets

-          calculation of investment cost for improvements

-          consideration of life-cycle analysis implications for overall consumption and greenhouse gas emissions

-          current and projected costs of energy across PPR’s spheres of operation

  • Help to make the business case for implementation of the energy strategy
  • Design and help deliver a clear plan of action for implementation of the strategy over an agreed time period.

Candidate Requirements

  • Relevant academic training and/or equivalent work experience, which demonstrates a deep and practical understanding with regard to managing energy needs, identifying energy efficiencies and exploring the appropriate use of alternative energy technologies
  • Demonstrated experience in assessing energy use and projecting energy needs at all levels of the supply chain
  • Demonstrated delivery of efficiencies at all levels and in various localities around the world; experience in countries of Asia andEuropewould be an advantage ;
  • Detailed knowledge of the practical realities and potential opportunities for transitioning to cleaner energy technologies
  • Detailed knowledge of facility management energy efficiency and retrofit technologies
  • Working knowledge of the details of calculating emissions under the Greenhouse Gas Protocol
  • Willingness to work within the key principles of PPR’s value system: Fair, Honest, Positive, Creative
  • Nationality is open but impeccable English language skills are mandatory; familiarity with Italian, Chinese, German or French would be welcomed.

The Energy & GHG Management Specialist will be based in Paris at PPR Group Headquarters but work widely across the brands. 

This position offers a unique opportunity to join a highly-skilled team, providing specialist expertise in the areas of energy efficiency and alternative energy technologies to help build a strategic new sustainability initiative.

Please send on-line application under reference 0804 (CV + cover letter + references) to Mrs Josette Sayers –