Environment and Climate Adaptation Specialists, Management Systems International

Position Summary: 
MSI seeks to build a roster of environment and climate adaptation specialists for short- and long-term assignments on upcoming USAID initiatives. Consultants will lead and manage technical work related to a variety of donor-funded projects, including climate change programming and adaptation; biodiversity conservation; coastal, fisheries and wildlife management; wildlife trafficking; land tenure reform; and public sector management. Specific assignments will vary, and they may include planning, policy support, training, project design, assessments, and leading or overseeing evaluation design, data collection, and report writing.

Applicants should specify in their cover letter in which regions they have experience and in which regions they are willing to work.


These will vary based on the assignment, but may frequently include:

  • Overseeing and participating in evaluations, assessments, project designs and special studies.
  • Conducting adaptation and biodiversity assessments and USAID Reg 216 environmental impact assessments.
  • Designing or supervising the design of performance evaluations and impact evaluations.
  • Managing the design, quality, development and completion of all assessments, analytical reports and evaluations.
  • Contributing substantively to the design and field testing of evaluation methodologies, data collection methods and protocols, including surveys, data verification techniques, and other technical evaluation and analytical tasks.


These will vary based on the assignment, but may frequently include:

  • An advanced degree and technical experience in a relevant analytical field (e.g., environmental studies, environmental science, economics, international development studies, etc.); doctorate-level credentials are an added strength.
  • Knowledge and/or experience working with USAID rules, regulations, and procedures, particularly of USAID’s evaluation policy and project design.
  • At least 10 years of relevant experience in advising on and providing technical expertise on climate change adaptation/environmental for international development projects.
  •  Knowledge of community-based natural resource management and conservation development approaches.
  • A solid understanding of global climate change programming and climate change adaptation.
  • Exceptional organizational, analytical, writing, and presentation skills.
  • Ability to travel.

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