Environmental Conservation Economist – The Nature Conservancy


The Environmental Conservation Economist works as part of the Conservation Action Team to craft economic strategies for The Nature Conservancy’s work on Long Island today and over the next decade.The Economist will work to mainstream the economics of nature into everyday decisions and works with policy staff to develop long term solutions that will spur new investments in sustainability. He/She will ensure that the private and public sectors understand and value the benefits and services from nature.  He/She is familiar with the science behind ecosystem-based adaptation and resilience strategies and makes economic policy recommendations that are science based. 


  • Develop an economic program that will guide/inform our conservation initiatives on Long Island.
  • As part of the Conservation Action Team, set priorities and develop and implement economic strategies across all conservation areas to achieve conservation goals.
  • Work with State and Federal agencies to implement economic environmental policy recommendations that sustain momentum for long-term, holistic management of marine and coastal systems on Long Island.
  • Develop economic impact models to inform and improve ecosystem-based management strategies and policy recommendations.
  • Work with Statewide TNC Marine/Coastal Team to develop strategies and policy recommendations for conservation in NY bays, estuaries and the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Work with other Chapters in the Eastern Region to develop a set of coordinated strategies and policy recommendations for conservation in the lands and waters in these Chapters.
  • Develop messages and materials on the valuation of ecosystem-based adaptation and resilience strategies to help inform decision making and secure policy initiatives at the federal, state, and local levels.
  • Using cost/benefit analysis and other economic assessments, develop and implement environmental policies affecting conservation of lands and waters on Long Island.
  • Create an idea stream that anticipates future social, cultural and economic considerations

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