Environmental Defender’s Office (Ltd) – Climate Change Policy Officer, Department of Environment, Fiji

Position Summary:
The Fiji Islands are highly vulnerable to climate change and have identified the issue as a key priority. However, capacity within DoE to develop and implement policies to adapt and build resilience to the adverse effects of climate change is very limited. Government negotiators have many other duties and responsibilities in addition to preparation for United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) meetings, and struggle to undertake the extensive research and preparation necessary to participate fully in these negotiations. Fiji is also poorly equipped to develop national policies to respond to climate change, lacking resources to plan how the nation will adapt to the dramatic changes that are already occurring as a result of climate change.
Building on the work undertaken by a previous AYAD, particularly the creation of a Climate Change Country Team (CTTT) for Fiji, this assignment will assist the Department of Environment to engage in UNFCCC and to develop national policies to increase Fiji’s ability to adapt to climate change. Supporting the CCCT to become established will be a key task for this AYAD.
Two key projects that this AYAD will provide assistance on include developing, updating and implementing Fiji’s climate change framework to become a national policy (Fiji does not have a policy on climate change at present), and undertaking research and coordination for UNFCCC negotiations (given the limited achievements in Copenhagen, and the likelihood that it will be at least two more years of intense, complex negotiations before a new international treaty is agreed).

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