Fist Climate Group – Senior Relationship Manager / Capital Markets

Senior Project Manager

Zurich (Switzerland)

As part of the CDM/JI/VER Origination Unit, your main tasks will be the sourcing and development of JI/CDM projects in Eastern Europe, CIS and Middle East regions, development of CDM projects and support of activities in Pakistan as well technical consultancy, biomass trading and support for overall activities of the company. You will be reporting to our Regional Manager in Zürich.

Key Responsibilities


  • Develop actively a network and liaise with cooperation partners, project owners and other stakeholders in the JI/CDM market
  • Assist the Regional Manager in the periodic market assessment and evaluation of the regional strategy
  • Identify and pre-screen JI/CDM project opportunities in the regions of responsibility
  • Conduct methodological and JI/CDM-related assessment of projects
  • Execute due diligence (financial, technical, counterparty, JI/CDM)
  • Develop projects (JI/CDM cycle, all stages)
  • Provide consultancy on technical and carbon issues
  • Represent First Climate at forums, conferences, exhibitions and workshops in Eastern Europe, CIS and Middle East regions
  • Develop company’s strategy in Biomass Trading

Specific Requirements

You have a comprehensive understanding and experience of the carbon markets in Eastern Europe, CIS and Middle East regions as well good contacts with the relevant stakeholders in those regions. You are a highly self-motivated talent, possessing excellent communication and negotiation skills and you have proven your ability to work on a technical and management level. Having a combination of engineering and management background is needed, as you are responsible for screening and assessing projects as well as negotiate with clients; you also have to manage First Climate’s contacts and cooperation in the abovementioned regions. You hold a Masters Degree in Power Engineering. You bring an established network of project owners as well as DNAs/DFPs in selected countries with high JI/CDM potential. A minimum of 4 years working experience with JI/CDM projects and an in-depth understanding of the Carbon Market and the international negotiations around the Kyoto Protocol and beyond is highly expected. Experience in PDD design and analysis as well as methodology development is a must. Knowledge of local biomass markets and wide contact network in the regions of responsibility are essential. Proficiency in English, Russian and Ukrainian languages is a must.


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