GIS and Remote Sensing Specialist


This position is part of the Carbon Analytics Team and supports the GIS and remote sensing aspects of methodology development, carbon accounting (at project and program scales), development of the Terralytics monitoring system, and business development. The preferred candidate has a minimum of 5 years experience in environmental consulting or a similar field and is a self-starter with proven ability to work in a team setting while self-managing deliverables.


  • Collect, generate and manage spatial data at project, regional and global scales
  • Conduct spatial analyses and produce maps to meet reporting requirements
  • Execute land-use change modeling and carbon accounting
  • Visit project sites in the U.S. and developing countries for mapping and to collect ground-truthing data
  • Manage maintenance and support of IT infrastructure
  • Contribute to creation and review of carbon feasibility studies


  • Minimum of 5 years professional experience in environment sector GIS and Remote Sensing
  • MSc in applied natural sciences such as forestry, ecology, natural resources, biogeochemistry with a very strong emphasis on GIS or remote sening
  • Exceptionally computer literate
  • Excellent English writing and speaking skills
  • (Preferred) Thorough understanding of geostatistics, including kriging and variogram analysis
  • (Preferred) Experience in the design, development and implementation of REDD or other land-use carbon projects
  • (Preferred) Professional speaking and writing skills in Spanish and/or French

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