Graduate Student Researcher

Location: Home-Office; Close to Berkeley preferred;

Duration: 1 year part-time (50% time): Tentative Dates February, 2012-January 2013

Description: Impact Carbon is seeking a Graduate Student Researcher to support the implementation of three joint randomized controlled trials for a large USAID-funded program on measuring the effects of various marketing and behavioral change techniques on the acquisition and correct use of improved stoves.

Job responsibilities include:

  • Coordinate and oversee data cleaning efforts and online data collection efforts with Ugandan data collection partner (CIRCODU).
    • Review enumerated surveys online with CIRCODOU to ensure data are accurate and complete;
    • Check data collection daily while the team is in the field (most of the second half of 2012) to ensure data is correctly uploaded and to check for missing or anomalous data.
    • Linking survey waves and datasets so that past answers and other household identifiers can be accessed by the team in the field;
    • Clean data from Particulate Matter monitors, Stove Usage Monitors, and wood weighing.
    • Lead data cleaning efforts in Stata which will result in a clearly labeled data set, program files, and log files.
      • Write a short report outlining data cleaning and all changes made during data cleaning ;
      • Work with the Lead Investigator and research team to transform survey data and physical measures (e.g., stove temperature readings) into indices corresponding to useful constructs (e.g., wealth or days using each stove).
        • Write a short report outlining the rationale behind the chosen methodology
        • Prepare a weekly report for the Lead Investigator during data collection that is a user-friendly diary of data events (Excel spreadsheet). When we are not in the field the share every 2 weeks the status of data cleaning and progress on the deliverables.
        • Generate publishable tables in line with the specification of the Lead Investigator and research team.