I.M. Systems Group: Endangered Species Act Consultant


I.M. Systems Group, Inc. (IMSG) www.imsg.com is currently seeking to hire an Endangered Species Act Consultant to work at the The Protected Resources Division (PRD) of the National Marine Fisheries Service, Southeast Regional Office located in St. Petersburg, Florida. This office is charged with administering the agency’s responsibilities under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and the Marine Mammal Protection Act in the Southeast U.S. The Southeast Regional Office is geographically responsible for the coastal states from North Carolina through Texas, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The division’s goals are the preservation of the species protected under these Acts, along with their ecosystems, and the rebuilding of depleted, endangered, and threatened populations. The division applies the full range of conservation tools available under those acts to achieve these goals, including: fishery management regulations to reduce incidental catch, project review of federal actions to avoid and minimize impacts to listed species, species monitoring, and applied research projects. In addition to its statutory and regulatory authorities, the division emphasizes partnerships and public communications and outreach to achieve conservation gains. The division’s single largest task is carrying out section 7 of the ESA, consulting with federal agencies and private applicants to conserve listed species during project implementation.


  • Provide assistance to Protected Resource Division in swiftly carrying out the consultation requirements of section 7 of the ESA for federal actions funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). Section 7 consultation with PRD is required for all federal actions that may affect listed species or their critical habitat under NMFS purview in the Southeast U.S. These species include six species of great whale, five species of sea turtle, elkhorn and staghorn coral, Johnson’s seagrass, smalltooth sawfish, Gulf sturgeon, and shortnose sturgeon;
  • Reviews biological assessments and other environmental analyses and reviews on proposed projects;
  • Provide technical assistance to applicants and federal agencies, developing conservation measures to reduce or avoid adverse effects, and creating the formal record of the agency’s consultation
  • Conducts literature reviews and onsite visits to obtain background information;
  • Discusses project methodologies and modifications with applicants and federal agencies and recommends approaches to reduce impacts to listed species and their habitats and to streamline the consultation process;Collaborates with other consulting biologists, species recovery coordinators, reviewers in the Habitat Conservation Division, and the Office of General Counsel to ensure that consultations are consistent, legally sufficient, and achieve conservation goals;
  • Drafts agency response documents: concurrence letters and biological opinions;
  • All work will be performed in an office environment with some occasional site visits. There is no field work involved with this position.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in the biological sciences, marine policy and management or oceanography and 2-3 years experience in a related field (e.g. Section 7 Consultation) or a Master’s Degree in any of the above mentioned areas of expertise and 1-2 years of experience in a related field is required.
  • Ability to manage multiple priorities and be self-directed is essential.
  • Valid driver’s license is required and a government background check will be administered upon hire.
  • Excellent communication skills both oral and written are required including effective negotiation skills and precise writing capabilities.
  • Prior research experience with listed aquatic species in the Southeast is desirable.
  • Prior experience working in marine industries that are frequently the subject of consultation (e.g., coastal engineering, marine construction, oil and gas exploration and development, military testing, maritime transportation) is desirable.

In addition to your resume, please submit a cover letter describing how your knowledge and skills fulfill the requirements of the position. IMSG is an equal opportunity employer.

Applicants should email their resume and salary requirements to jobs@imsg.com with the following subject line: NOA09033 – Endangered Species Act Consultant.