International CDM Transaction Specialist

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is the Trustee and Manager of the Future Carbon Fund (the Fund) which became operational in January 2009. The Fund forms an integral component of ADB’s Carbon Market Program (CMP) designed to promote greater take up and developmentof low-carbon project activities in the Asia-Pacific region (see The Fund has funding commitments of $115 million from the governments of Belgium, Finland, the Republic of Korea, and Sweden, as well as from two private companies, namely POSCO (Republic of Korea) and Eneco Energy Trade (Netherlands). The Fund seeks to invest primarily in clean energy, energy efficiency, and methane utilization projects which qualify as Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects in developing member countries (DMCs) of ADB. To carry out the duties as Trustee and Manager of the Fund, ADB wishes to appoint an International CDM Transaction Specialist to assist the Fund Manager and the Fund Management Team in identifying, developing and leading transactions with proponents of GHG reduction projects in the Asia Pacific region on behalf of the Fund.

Detailed duties to be performed by the CDM Transaction Specialist will include but not be
limited to:
1. Performing CDM project identification, due diligence and risk and financial analysis tasks;
2. Participating in Fund transaction structuring and contract negotiations with project proponents and third parties;
3. Where appropriate, assisting project proponents with CDM project validation, registration, verification and certification, CER issuance and ongoing CDM project monitoring;
4. Assist the Fund Manager in supervision and management of other members of the Fund Management Team;
5. Assisting the Fund Manager in the broader operation and management of the Fund, including servicing the needs of Fund Participants;
6. Collaborating with ADB professional and support staff and staff consultants, in particular the members of ADB’s Technical Support Facility which forms part of ADB’s Carbon Market Program;
7. Contributing toward the ongoing development of clean energy and greenhouse gas mitigation projects in ADB developing member countries in the Asia Pacific region.

1. The International CDM Transaction Specialist appointed shall report to the Manager of
the Future Carbon Fund and ultimately to the Deputy Director-General of the Regional &
Sustainable Development Department. The position will be located in Manila but the consultant
will be expected to travel on Fund business on a regular basis. Among other requirements, the
International CDM Transaction Specialist shall have:

General Qualification
(i) a proven track record in negotiating and completing transactions involving
multiple stakeholders;
(ii) superior communication and negotiation skills including excellent written
and oral communications skills in English;
(iii) operational knowledge of computer database and analytical systems;
(iv) motivation and a willingness to work in and contribute to a team

Technical Expertise

(v) proven track record in performing risk analysis and investment due
diligence on CDM projects, particularly those in the renewable energy,
energy efficiency and methane utilization sectors;
(vi) broad understanding of renewable energy, energy efficiency and methane
utilization technologies and processes relevant to the CDM market;
(vii) understanding of the international and primary regional emissions trading
markets, in particular; (i) the legal regime established under the United
Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and its subsidiary
agreements; and (ii) the European Emissions Trading Scheme;
(viii) a detailed understanding of the regulations, processes, procedures and
institutions regulating the CDM, and practical experience in working with
such institutions;
(ix) experience in managing or overseeing CDM development of project
design documents, project registration, and credit issuance;
Asia-Pacific and Development
(x) experience of living in developing countries within Asia and the Pacific;
(xi) previous CDM related transaction experience among ADB’s DMCs;
(xii) relationships with Designated National Authorities and CDM technical
experts in DMCs;

Output/Reporting Requirements:
The International CDM Transaction Specialist, in carrying out the day-to-day operations of the
Fund Management Team, shall report to the FCF Fund Manager, to the Senior Advisor, RSDDCC,
DDG, RSDD, as well as the DG, RSDD as required. The assignment will be based in
Manila, Philippines, and will require frequent travel to ADB member countries as determined by
the Fund Manager. The assignment is for 12 person-months (continuous), from 01 November
2011 to 31 October 2012.