Land Management and Ecosystem Services Scientist – Center for Ecology & Hydrology

The Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH), part of the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), is the UK’s Centre of Excellence for research in the terrestrial and freshwater environmental sciences.

The UK landscape is under increasing pressure to provide for food, energy and water security. The provision of ecosystem services at local landscape to regional and national scales is increasingly recognised as crucial to land management policies across the UK. CEH has a substantial, but distributed, research portfolio in land, water and biodiversity and the ecosystem services they deliver.
CEH has recently been awarded a major contract to provide a scientifically-rigorous approach to the monitoring and evaluation of the Welsh countryside and specific agri-environment measures.  We seek a senior scientist with experience in land management and ecosystem science to contribute to the integration of data resulting from a wide range of survey and research activities and provide strategic direction in developing research into sustainable land management practices covering extensive and intensive systems.  The focus will be on developing a framework for quantifying ecosystem services from the local to national scale and exploiting the major National Capabilities, such as Countryside Survey, agri-environment experimentation, survey and monitoring. The post will provide leadership towards greater integration of our broad portfolio of sustainable land management and ecosystem service activities across CEH and the NERC community in general.
Candidates must have an excellent international profile and publishing track record and understand how they fit with the wider aims of environmental research within both CEH and NERC.  Evidence of running large multi-partner projects and coordinating research across organizations or sites is essential. You will also be required to demonstrate your personal contribution to the development of land management research and modeling and data systems.
This post requires a high degree of self motivation and the ability to inspire and lead teams to deliver large and complex projects to high quality assurance standards. Excellent teamworking skills are also essential to enable collaboration with current staff and contribution to ongoing projects.

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