Manager, Energy Efficiency & Climate (5) – The Coca-Cola Company

The Coca-Cola Company has five listings for this position, spanning Belgium, Germany (East), France (North), Austria, and England (London & Greater).

Position Overview:

Ideally located in either Brussels, Vienna, Paris, London or Berlin

• The Energy Efficiency & Climate Manager leads the TCCC Europe group programs to reduce our carbon emission in line with our 2020 roadmap. The incumbent will drive our “lean” (reduced energy cost) and “green” (reduced carbon emission) European climate agenda, by working closely with the bottling system, business units, NGOs, customer teams, suppliers and academia.
• The person will have to develop strategies how to maximize the use of clean energy, develop an internal carbon trading scheme and find ways to drive with aspiration the system towards a zero carbon business. 
• By actively co-developing the strategy with the bottling system and actively promoting the implementation with top management.
• The scope will be focused on energy and climate but also will need contributions and understanding in the other environmental areas of water, packaging and sustainable sourcing in order to engage in broader discussions with top management. 

• Leads and negotiates across all four BUs in Europe with all European bottlers and 120 plant locations the deployment of our Energy and Climate Roadmap 2020.
• Facilitates dialogue with external stakeholder e.g. WWF, Greenpeace, Carbontrust.
• Needs to understand the different points of view of all our stakeholders engaged in the deployment of our roadmap.
• Will have to liaise with corporate functions to ensure alignment with global direction. Especially influencing the global roadmap with what already has been agreed in Europe.
• Incumbent needs to develop new ways of looking at the environmental impact of our business especially in the area of climate and energy. 
• Needs to get the buy-in from top management and the attention of the management of the local bottling plant to ensure a successful deployment.
• A key part is leading the European system and setting strategy with bottlers and BUs.
• In this job the incumbent will have to develop leading edge approaches to be deployed in the area of climate and energy to reduce our impact on the planet. Some areas are require new technologies and new ways to create impact assessments. 
• Since TCCC wants to be the recognized as the leader in this field the incumbent has to be at the leading edge.
• Qualification as an environmental agent with strong background in climate and energy management
• Good understanding of Life Cycle Analysis and Energy Management
• Secure written and spoken English skills
• Good skills of moderation and presentation techniques
• Good influencing skills and able to work with bottler CEOs and BU presidents as well as plant managers
• Experience in process management
• Very good knowledge in PC standard applications

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