Manager of State Agency Services, the Climate Registry

The Climate Registry is currently looking to hire a new Manager of State Agency Services, to support greenhouse gas inventory building work with state agencies. This is a new position, based in Sacramento, and available immediately for a one-year term. This individual must have an expert understanding of GHG accounting and familiarity with California state government, and particularly its climate change programs.

The primary tasks are outlined below:

  • Conduct a needs assessment: contact each State agency to understand reporting status, including determination of reporting decisions, appropriateness of data management systems, level of staff support and qualifications.
  • Develop a gap analysis in reporting among agencies; in consultation with State Government Subgroup of the CAT, summarize approaches identified for resolving gaps, inconsistencies, and overlaps.\
  • Evaluate and recommend options for unified State reporting; work with State Government Subgroup of the CAT to implement these options.
  • Draft practical step by step guidance for State agencies to follow to successfully prepare and report and verify a unified state emission inventory to The Registry; work with agencies to implement the guidance.
  • On an ongoing basis, provide overall technical assistance and training to State agency staff to understand the purpose, methodologies, program requirements, reporting software, process of verification and other relevant issues related to preparing an inventory; help develop materials and resources to assist reporting, verification, and emission reduction activities.
  • Provide basic logistical support for state agency meetings, including coordinating and scheduling relevant trainings, workshops, and conference calls.

The position will be open until filled; serious candidates should apply promptly.