Marketing & Communications Specialist – Foundation


The candidate will serve our partners writing press releases, newsletters, and blogs; managing our social networking presence on Facebook, Twitter and other media; managing our website, partner web pages, increasing web visits, relevancy and other web initiatives; design marketing materials; and other communications and marketing needs. is a high-energy, high-output organization.

Qualifications/Experience Preferred

  • Must be a superb writer, able to write press releases, blogs and newsletter articles and critical communications materials such as one-pagers, web pages, etc.
  • Must understand website administration, blogging software, e-newsletter software. Knowledge of Joomla a must. We also use XCart and Constant Contact
  • Must be proficient in Photoshop
  • Knowledge of environmental issues, climate change and carbon credits and offsetting important and an eagerness to learn more a must
  • Must be able to handle limited media requests and inquiries
  • Must know SEO, Google Analytics, Google Grants, Google Alerts and other web optimization tools
  • Must be proficient with Facebook, Twitter and other social media to leverage our communications and market to new audiences to enhance our exposure

Permanent/Part Time: Permanent

More information on the posting here.