MRV Specialist

Terra Global Capital, the leader in forest carbon analytics, advisory and finance, is accepting expressions of interest from qualified REDD+ MRV Specialist candidates for the forthcoming USAID-funded Malawi Integrated REDD Demonstration Program which will be a sustainable landscapes and biodiversity conservation program focusing on integrated demonstration projects to further REDD readiness and conserve biodiversity. This is a multi-year project to support the President’s Global Climate Change Initiative (GCCI) which has pledged to support both clean energy and REDD in Malawi. This is expected to be a long-term program will be based in Malawi. The hiring of this position is subject to successful acceptance of Terra’s proposal by USAID.


•Ã‚ Â Â  Manage the implementation of carbon development work plans in Malawi with in-country implementing partner(s)
•Ã‚ Â Â  Work closely with the Terra team in San Francisco and the local implementing partner to leverage the established processes and procedures used to develop emission reductions and conduct social monitoring processes
•Ã‚ Â Â  Manage field surveys and social appraisals to collect in-situ land use and land cover data and assess the biophysical, and socio-economic feasibility of land-based carbon projects.
•Ã‚ Â Â  Collect, generate and manage spatial data for project
•Ã‚ Â Â  Conduct spatial analyses and produce maps to meet reporting requirements
•Ã‚ Â Â  Ensure consistent and timely flow of information and data from the field to Terra San Francisco team
•Ã‚ Â Â  Coordinate training sessions and discussions with government and communities
•Ã‚ Â Â  Work with the implementing partner to set-up the monitoring processes and procedures necessary to support project verification on an on-going basis
•Ã‚ Â Â  Prepare regular reports for internal and external use


•Ã‚ Â Â  MSc in applied natural sciences such as forestry, ecology, natural resources, biogeochemistry with a very strong emphasis on GIS or remote sensing
•Ã‚ Â Â  Minimum 8years of work experience in the natural resources sector
•Ã‚ Â Â  Experience in project design and implementation of community based projects
•Ã‚ Â Â  Direct experience in donor funded multi-partner project management for natural resource projects
•Ã‚ Â Â  In-depth knowledge of carbon market standards(project level and jurisdictional level), guidelines and protocols
•Ã‚ Â Â  Experience with spatial web application development using MapServer, ArcGIS Flex API, Google Maps API
•Ã‚ Â Â  Field-level project implementation experience in a developing country
•Ã‚ Â Â  Able to train, motivate, and manage field crews with different degrees of experience and education
•Ã‚ Â Â  Able to work independently and self-manage deadlines and deliverables
•Ã‚ Â Â  Minimum five (5) years experience in this capacity in Africa, preferably Malawi
•Ã‚ Â Â  Exceptional verbal/written communication skills, especially working across cultures;
•Ã‚ Â Â  English fluency required


Interested candidates please send CV to

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