Multiple Openings – The Carbon War Room

The Carbon War Room’s Mission is to harness the power of entrepreneurs to implement market‐driven solutions to climate change. The Carbon War Room is a global independent NGO that works to align the interests of the economy and the environment.

Carbon War Room — The Focus

The world needs entrepreneurial leadership to create a post‐carbon economy where humanity can prosper and thrive within the constraints of our planet. Our goal is to restructure industry to create incentives to attract the level of excitement and investment
needed to scale up required solutions. Carbon War Room’s method is to gather the best intelligence and convene the people who know and care most about solutions in each area, then determine the key leverage points and find the best partners to devise a solution, and finally drive a comprehensive implementation plan to success. The world can no longer afford to be intimidated by the scope and magnitude of the climate crisis. It is essential that our most talented and driven individuals come together to apply overwhelming force until victory is assured. Please see for more details. Please send resume, cover letter, salary requirements, and one (1) writing sample to

Operations Associate

Position Summary:

The Operations Associate supports the Senior Portfolio Manager and broader Operations Team in facilitating successful execution of the Operations of the Carbon War Room, so that they maximize the positive impact on the environment, and return on philanthropic investment for CWR Founders and Sponsors.

  • Assists in identifying key points of leverage in the war on climate change
  • Develops Operation strategy documents for presentation to Founders and other potential Funders
  • Drives efficiency and supports successful execution of the Operations by monitoring and reporting on progress and resource usage


Planning of Operations – Initial Research

  • Works directly with the CWR Operations and Research teams, NGOs, scientists, entrepreneurs and others to conduct and produce research that identifies key stakeholders and strategic opportunities for Carbon War Room involvement
  • Ensures that Operations are presentable to funders and CWR board, with content and format to appropriate standard
  • Assists in creating clear and attainable project objectives, building the project requirements, and managing the constraints of cost, time, and scope

Execution of Operations – Project Management Assistance

  • Monitors progress of Operations against deliverables, timelines, and budgets
  • Serves as central point of contact and coordination for Operations Team and external Project Leads
  • Maintains collaboration and file management tools to coordinate CWR Operations activity

Key Competencies & Skills Required:

  • Good communication (verbal and written) and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent business management and developmental skills
  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Leadership qualities
  • Strong presentation skills
  • Efficient team management skills
  • Ability to resolve conflicting situations
  • Computer or technical knowledge
  • Effective problem solving skills

Director of Research

Position Summary:

The Director of Research is responsible for the strategic assessment of the marketbased, and other, opportunity for gigaton-scale carbon reductions across each of the 25 areas of interest to the Carbon War Room (CWR). This includes a materiality check, description of market-based investment strategies, an identification of barriers to market development and achievement of gigaton scale.

The Director of Research is also responsible for providing strategic direction and relevant research and data for the operations in CWR.

The Director of Research will manage the CWR Research Team, which consists of one half-time analyst, one full-time Research Fellow, and a number of part-time analyst.

Main deliverables for the Research Team are as follows:

Analyst reports (focused on one of the 25 areas), estimated to be ~15 pages in length and outlining the gigaton-scale opportunity, investment required, expansion trajectory over the next 10 years, market-based opportunity, and strategic approach

Presentations to relevant audiences (e.g. investors, policymakers, corporate leaders, other NGOs) to build brand and demonstrate thought leadership.

The objective of the Director of Research is to provide important thought leadership around gigaton market opportunities to reduce CO2e and to achieve sustainability; to help guide operations and identify opportunities for CWR; and to build an unimpeachable and recognizable research brand.

Additional Responsibilities:

Additional responsibilities include but are not limited to the following: development of signature compendiums for CWR events; development of strategic partnerships; conference attendance to maintain state-of-the-art knowledge across 25 areas;
management and development of academic partnerships; speaking engagements and presentations; occasional media interviews; and development/support for new CWR offices (e.g. Asia).

KPAs and KPIs:

The six KPAs and supporting KPIs for the CWR Research Director are delineated below:

25 Reports

  • Distribution plan
  • Issuance of quarterly reports
  • Plan for report releases

Operational support

  • High-quality deliverables to Ops Team
  • Dedication of time to Ops (1 day/wk)
  • Accessibility and responsiveness to Ops Team

Building influence & Research Group brand

  • Subscription list for CWR Research Group reports
  • Presence at major conferences and invitations
  • Speaking engagements
  • Media hits

Resources – People & Partners

  • High-caliber academic partners
  • High-caliber expert network for research
  • Advisory group
  • Kauffman network leverage

Fundability of Research

  • Clear proposal for new Research Group
  • Funding plan for donations, approved by Director of Development
  • Revenue model in place

Web and Design Associate

Position Summary:

The web and design associate is responsible for managing and creating websites, as well as designing print and web media for the Carbon War Room. In addition, this position will be responsible for minor IT decisions such as technology purchases and managing email and contact management systems.

We are looking for a savvy designer, with some technological know-how, to contribute meaningfully to one of the most exciting NGOs in the climate space.

Main responsibilities/skills are as follows:

  • Manage Websites
    • CMS management (Drupal and WordPress)
    • New content
      • HTML/CSS
    • DNS management
    • Hosting relations/upkeep
  • Design (new logos, business cards, banners, etc)
    • Photoshop
    • Illustrator
    • Pagemaker
  • Purchasing of computers, printers
  • Salesforce Management
    • user access
    • development team (pipeline reporting, support, upkeep)
    • Mass emails


Based on experience

Please send resume and cover letter to for more information.