Natural Resources Specialist, USDA Forest Service

This position is located within the Forest Service, Washington Office, State and Private Forestry, Cooperative Forestry staff area. As a program manager, the incumbent helps catalyze innovation in ecosystem services approaches and provides technical assistance on various ecosystem services and markets topics.

The incumbent is the recognized expert, program authority and principal advisor to Forest Service Leadership for Ecosystem Services and Markets. Responsibility includes formulating national policies, objectives, and standards; developing long- and short-range plans to achieve these goals and objectives; ensuring program and technical directives are consistent with governing laws, regulations, and policy; and monitoring field implementation to ensure compliance and consistency. The work includes reviewing controversial or highly significant policy issues and recommending responsive agency positions to Forest Service leadership; and working with Forest Service and USDA leadership to ensure environmental compliance and sound management of natural resources affected by existing and/or potential future environmental conditions.

Develops and promulgates long-term and annual program budget goals and objectives consistent with agency program goals; provides guidance for annual budget development to field offices; presents annual budget to leadership; and advises on funds, budget, human capital and other resources required for program accomplishment.

Incumbent actively seeks and builds public and private sector partnerships to promote effective land and natural resources management and program opportunities. This includes establishing guidelines for administering and managing national and regional partnerships, and participating on a national level in interagency efforts to streamline partnership instruments that apply broadly across all land management agencies. The position serves as liaison, maintaining productive working relationships between policy makers of interagency teams and Forest Service counterparts to resolve mutual problems and develop integrated strategic approaches for problem resolution. Serves as a Forest Service representative on interagency task forces.

Incumbent represents the Forest Service at conferences and various public, interagency, and congressional meetings, and presents briefings related to assigned program. Work includes preparing technical and policy papers, speeches, reports, testimony and various types of correspondence regarding nationally significant, emerging or controversial natural resource program policy issues; and communicating with various members of the public, private firms, organizational leaders, Office of Management and Budget staff and Congressional staff as required.

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