POSITION ANNOUNCEMENT with Environmental Incentives

Please send resume and cover letter to entrepreneurs@enviroincentives.com by September 17, 2010.

Environmental Incentives, LLC (EI) is a leading environmental policy and management consulting firm that operates on the belief that our ecosystems are vital resources that are valuable to public and private stakeholders alike. We provide profound solutions that address today’s complex environmental challenges by developing innovative and insightful policies and programs, by inspiring the energy and creativity of entrepreneurs, and by stimulating the financial power of private and public investors.

We have a proven record of success in facilitating complex stakeholder processes. Our talented team brings a practical understanding of what drives landowner, investor and regulated entity decisions to the design of programs that achieve natural resource goals, put public funds to their highest and best use, and improve ecosystems.

We are currently hiring at least one full time and long-term research associate or associate, and one intern with a graduate degree or relevant work experience.

Intern – Graduate Degree or Equivalent Experience
Interns typically work with one EI staff person to develop specific products related to one or two projects. Internships are typically eight to ten weeks in duration, with the potential to transition into a full-time position depending on performance and business opportunity.

Research Associate– Undergraduate Degree, Graduate Degree or Equivalent Experience
Research Associates contribute to technical analyses, policy analysis and design, written and verbal communications, company strategy and project management. All EI staff gain a broad understanding of environmental policy, financial and policy making decision processes, and program design. All staff work on multiple projects during any period and develop high quality products in a timely manner. Applicants for this position must we willing to live in South Lake Tahoe for a minimum of two years.

Associate – Graduate Degree or Equivalent Experience
Associates are expected to be further developed in their qualifications and professional skills than Research Associates. While all EI staff must be able to work independently, Associates are expected to be able to manage projects, produce useful products with a moderate amount of guidance, and contribute creative ideas. Applicants for this position must we willing to live in South Lake Tahoe for a minimum of two years.

EI offers competitive compensation packages with performance incentives and opportunity to grow for those interested in working in a tight-knit, entrepreneurial company. While Lake Tahoe is a skiing, hiking, riding, climbing and boating paradise, most of our work is conducted indoors. As a result, our staff is provided a degree of flexibility in their schedule to enjoy the mountains, rivers and the lake.

We seek talented, creative and inspired professionals who seek to grow as individuals and impactful leaders. We hire for the long-term and are currently building our staff to increase our policy, economic and natural resource expertise.

Mandatory Qualities & Characteristics
All Environmental Incentives employees must have the following qualities and characteristics to succeed:
- Clarity of thought
- Effective and organized verbal and written communication
- Ability to create new and innovative ideas
- Strong work ethic
- Desire and ability to work collaboratively with others
- Ability to constructively receive and give critical feedback
- Ability to listen to, respect and understand others
- Desire to improve skills
- Ability to understand and develop quantitative analyses
- Honesty, integrity and trustworthiness
- Resonate with the Environmental Incentives’ core principles
- Desire to live and work at Lake Tahoe for at least two years

Desirable Skills & Experience:

We are also interested in candidates with the following skills and experience in the following areas:
- Policy analysis and development
- Ecosystem service definition and environmental markets
- Program budgeting, financial analysis and/or economic evaluation
- Watershed, fire, forest health and/or stormwater
- Climate change adaptation and/or mitigation planning
- Performance measures and environmental indicators
- Habitat or stream restoration
- Statistical analysis

Environmental Incentives is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against, or grant preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, sexual orientation or national origin.

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