Program Associate – AFOLU/REDD Carbon Program

Winrock International (Winrock) is recruiting for a Program Associate to work jointly with the Ecosystems & Forestry and Natural Resource Management units. The responsibilities, duties and qualifications for this position are described in the attached position description.

Position Summary:
The ‘Program Associate I’ provides support for program staff, and will be responsible for assisting in the development and implementation of projects related to climate change in the agriculture, forestry, and other land use sectors.
ESSENTIAL Responsibilities:

  • Assist program staff with technical assistance and the writing of project design documents for climate change mitigation projects in the agriculture, forestry, and other land uses (AFOLU) sector. Support may include: researching scientific literature and internet; compilation and summarization of existing literature and data; assist in writing project documentation; assist in writing measuring and monitoring (M&M) plans to estimate carbon and other greenhouse gas emission changes resulting from project activities; assist in implementing monitoring plans; assist in developing and implementing carbon project development training modules.
  • Provide support to program staff in the development of methods for measuring and monitoring (M&M) changes in carbon and non-CO2 greenhouse gases in terrestrial ecosystems. Support may include: researching scientific literature; interactions with scientific colleagues; reviewing software and equipment; evaluating what and how existing methodologies could be integrated with new methodologies being developed; contributing to documents, manuals, and presentations of M&M methodologies developed by program staff; and assisting in developing training modules in the use of methods.
  • Maintain knowledge of evolving issues in the global climate change and environmental fields, including the role of land use change and forestry activities for mitigating emissions of greenhouse gases.
  • Assist with backstopping and program implementation. This includes: tracking and monitoring program activities and deadlines; acting as source of information on program activities; initiating appropriate action on administrative matters; coordinating with program staff when traveling; carrying out correspondence via email and telephone with partners, consultants and clients.
  • Assist in proposal preparation and coordination. This may include correspondence with potential donors; assembling proposal materials; formatting documents and CVs; performing internet-based research; and the development of specific proposal components related to climate change.
  • Conduct background research and report writing to support research projects in the AFOLU sector. Support may include: researching scientific literature, interactions with scientific colleagues and colleagues in the land use sector, internet research, analysis and synthesis of data and information.
  • Assist with program implementation, client relations, contributing to proposals for new business, document and report writing, and field measurement training seminars; performing field data collection, analysis and synthesis on land use and forests and their carbon content; and tracking national and international activities in related fields
  • Other tasks as assigned.

To Apply: 

Applicants should go to and submit a current resume and cover letter referencing HRM/PAECO/FNRM this position is open until filled.  All documents submitted as attachments should include the applicant’s last name in the document name (e.g. smith_CV.pdf, smith_coverletter.pdf). At the end of the cover letter include answers the following questions. Responses should not exceed 250 words per question:

  1. What is your legal status regarding employment in the US?
  2. State additional language and detail your abilities in writing and speaking that language
  3. List your degree(s) and relevant majors.
  4. Describe your experience in the international development arena, ecosystem ecology, forestry, climate change mitigation, or a closely related field.
  5. Describe your experience with project design, implementation and reporting.
  6. Describe your abilities and experience in data analysis
  7. Give your opinions of the role of forestry and agriculture in climate change.