Program Officer – The Forest Trust


TFT is a global non-profit membership organization that helps companies and communities deliver responsible products. Since 1999, TFTs main focus has been to provide solutions to the issue of deforestation and the empowerment of forest dependent communities. TFT has helped companies transform their timber supply chains and stop forest destruction. Through the same model, TFT has involved institutional donors and individuals looking to build capacity on the ground thus giving communities and local companies the tools to provide responsible wood products to world markets. Now with 90 employees and offices in 14 countries, TFT is working on a broad range of products using its supply chain expertise to identify and address social and environmental issues with a strong focus on natural resource management and traceability.
Develop and implement strategies and work plans for advancing the production and availability of responsibly produced products from Viet Nam, focusing on current TFT product groups; wood, paper, stone, palm oil and natural fibers.
Research and evaluate product supply chains against responsible sourcing procedures and international certification standards (e.g. Forest Stewardship Council  – FSC)
Develop and implement management and training recommendations for companies working toward responsible production and product supply chain control
Monitor and update supplier information for TFT members/clients regarding key commitments made towards responsible sourcing procedures, work plans or agreements, etc.
Meet regularly with current and potential TFT member/client representatives and their suppliers to maintain, enhance and develop new business opportunities in current or new product groups
Maintain and build collaborative relationships with relevant government agencies, academic institutions, non-governmental organizations, and consultants related to TFT product groups
Prepare workshops, seminars or other events to raise awareness and address supply chain concerns related to TFT product groups
Draft regular reports, meeting documentation and communications between TFT Asia and TFT’s head office in Switzerland as related to TFT product groups
Keep up-to-date on all advancements of requirements for international certification and prepare internal and external communication papers to ensure that all relevant TFT staff and members are kept appropriately informed
Bachelor’s degree or higher in forestry, natural resource management, agriculture, economics, business, international development or related field;
Minimum two years professional experience in project management, monitoring & evaluation, research, or other relevant field
Understand current issues relating to TFT product groups production and certification
Demonstrated ability to understand technical issues around the environmental, social and legality risks within TFT product groups
Demonstrated ability to work with businesses on management, supply chain and certification issues
Excellent knowledge of MS Office program
Proficiency in English and Vietnamese (speaking, writing and reading)
Ability to work independently and in a small team

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