Project Officer, Conservation – Wildlife Trust of India


Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) is a non-profit conservation organisation, committed to urgent action that prevents destruction of India’s wildlife. It was formed in 1998 with just three staffers. WTI today, is tackling a diverse range of issues with over 50 projects and two dozen field offices across the country. These projects are implemented by close to 150 full-time professionals and consultants, in addition to volunteers from all walks of life. The core team includes scientists, field biologists, conservation managers, veterinarians, lawyers, finance, business management and communication specialists, who collectively bring into play a huge bank of professional experience.
Indian wildlife today is threatened by problems of immense proportions. Unless urgent steps are taken to redress them, the world is likely to lose several rare species of flora and fauna forever. Fast shrinking natural habitats, a poaching problem that has reached alarming limits, and the severe pressures exerted by a burgeoning population of over a billion people, are the major issues that are taking their toll.
The mission of WTI is to conserve nature, especially endangered species and threatened habitats, in partnership with communities and governments.
Job Responsibilities:
To assist the Chief of Conservation in executing all programmatic activities and monitoring the activities concerning depth projects.
Facilitate the finalization of Project Implementation Plans of all depth projects, in close coordination with Chief of Conservation and other relevant project team members.
Evaluate and monitor the progress of depth projects through quarterly evaluations; if required by field site visits.
Facilitate conducting of planning meetings at least once a year for depth projects.
Coordinate with development and communication team.
Ensure monthly reports and donor reports are generated in the field and submitted to communication.
Aid development in developing relevant proposals and concepts for all the depth projects for fundraising.
Desired Qualifications:
Post graduate degree in a life sciences
2 years in a similar position

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