Quantitative Researcher

The Climate Corporation is a technology company based in San Francisco that helps people and businesses adapt to climate change. We are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our customers around the globe by managing their weather risks. We protect the $3 trillion global agriculture industry from the financial impact of adverse weather – the cause of over 90% of crop loss – with automated insurance products that farmers can customize and purchase online. Our technology also powers Raincheck.com, an automated weather insurance program for travelers worldwide.
Quantitative Researcher

The Climate Corporation is looking for experienced hackers, quants, and data scientists to join our Math Team. We leverage big data and cloud computing to tackle real-world problems in machine learning, climatology, and risk management. We work with weather data, forecasts, agricultural statistics, geological surveys, satellite images, and more. Our extraordinary mission is to build a detailed statistical model of all possible weather events everywhere on Earth, so that every weather risk can be comprehensively managed with our insurance products.
We are looking for people who

    * play well with others
    * enjoy thinking outside of the bell curve
    * say names like Dirichlet, Poisson, Cholesky, Markov, Kolmogorov in everyday conversation
    * have thought seriously about how to win the Netflix Prize
    * can create compelling data visualizations and mashups to reveal hidden structure in the real world
    * write elegant, modular, concise, production-quality code
    * are comfortable translating business objectives into algorithms
    * want to build massively scalable systems for statistical signal processing, dimensionality reduction, Monte Carlo simulation, and more

What we offer:

    * A motivated, talented and fun team
    * Energetic, idea-driven and transparent work environment
    * Opportunity and resources to work on challenging research problems
    * Award-winning offices in the South Park neighborhood of San Francisco
    * Catered lunches, well-stocked selection of beverages, perks
    * Competitive pay and incentive stock options


    * Advanced degree from a reputable university; training in meteorology or climatology is not required
    * Unstoppable drive to solve problems, meet deadlines, and learn whatever is necessary along the way
    * Excellent communication and collaboration skills
    * Software development experience in a Linux environment; fluency in Python, Java or Clojure is preferred
    * Experience applying sophisticated algorithms to big data; experience with Hadoop/Cascading/Cascalog is a plus
    * Deep applied knowledge of stochastic processes and machine learning

We are very serious about our work, and we are serious about having a great time doing it. If you are the best at what you do, and are looking for like-minded people dedicated to having a major impact on the world, we are eager to talk with you. In your cover letter, please provide the answer to the question at this link: http://www.climate.com/assets/Careers/math_puzzle.png