REDD+ Monitoring, Reporting & Verification (MRV) Coordinator – The Nature Conservancy

The MRV Advisor, along as a specialized technical support team, will establish robust monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) systems for reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation. This will be utilized to develop robust, country-wide, multi-level, nested MRV systems for REDD+ activities. These systems would constitute a  component of a national, fully integrated, mandatory system for registering, monitoring, reporting, and verifying greenhouse gas emissions from all sectors of Mexico’s economy.
This individual will oversee site specific field projects to assess the feasibility, reliability, replicability, scalability and cost-effectiveness of MRV methods and techniques, and lead the project’s team focused on MRV activities. Demonstration projects will ensure that the MRV methods proposed or developed can contribute to a comprehensive national MRV system. He/she will provide the leadership and be responsible for delivering the following:
  • Scientific and technical research, case studies, and analyses conducted and shared with relevant public, private sector, and civil society entities to improve MRV systems for REDD+ activities including, but not limited to, Reference Emissions Levels, detailed forest inventories, forest carbon accounting methods, carbon standards, remote sensing tools, and field measurement methods.
  • Best practices and lessons learned for REDD+ MRV developed and disseminated among relevant government agencies, civil society, indigenous groups, and forest dependent communities, emphasizing those which may be replicated and adopted nationally.
  • In contribution with other teams, at least six pilot projects designed and implemented to test or adapt novel elements of MRV systems for REDD+ activities.
  • Prepare work plans with the technical team and contribute to execution and follow-up of work plans by field teams, including field visits to ensure progress and adapt to ongoing assessments of feasibility, cost-effectiveness, and system quality.
  • Contribute to national and regional policy dialogues about Mexico’s MRV system including how the pilot projects nest into a national program.
  • Maintain networks and manage relationships with partners, policy makers and other stakeholders.
  • Prepare reports, memos, presentations, and lessons learned, as needed.
  • Coordinate and communicate with TNC staff in Mexico and worldwide.  
  • Master’s degree in science-related, forestry, climate change, environmental sciences and/or related fields, and 4 years of experience, or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Experience manipulating, analyzing, and interpreting data on vegetation cover derived from remote sensing and GIS databases, field observations, biomass estimation, and carbon accounting.
  • Experience on formulating and negotiation collaborative agreements with external potential partners including governmental agencies, NGOs and academia.
  • General knowledge on land use planning and development under low emissions development, as well as in the management of GIS.
  • Experience managing complex or multiple projects and tasks, including managing finances and coordinating the work with other teams and partners.
  • Knowledge on legal frameworks in Mexico related with environment, land use, etc. and climatic change policy.
  • Experience on projects and initiatives working with multidisciplinary teams.
  • Experience on contributing to fundraising and/or writing grants and research proposals.
  • Supervisory experience.
  • Fluency in English and Spanish (reading, writing and speaking).
  • Experience working with Microsoft Office Suite Software.
Preferred Qualifications:
  • Master’s degree in science-related field and 4-6 years experience, or Ph.D. and 1-3 years experience, or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Experience manipulating, analyzing, and interpreting data on vegetation and land use derived from remote sensing and GIS, field observations, biomass estimation, and carbon accounting.
  • At least 3 years of experience working in forestry, especially with regard to deforestation and forest degradation data collection/monitoring, forest carbon assessments, land use and land use change monitoring and modeling, UNFCCC and other MRV standards and guidelines (IPCC guidelines).
  • Skills for integrating MRV methodologies into policy planning and capacity building.
  • Knowledge of Mexico’s forest sector and climate change policies, laws, development and management issues is highly desirable.
  • Knowledge of current carbon market trends and practices in relevant discipline(s) and regions highly desirable.
  • Proven project management skills and a track record of meeting deadlines.
  • Working knowledge of common software applications (e.g. Word, Excel, Web browsers, etc.) and ability to use provided computer technology to enhance the quality of work.
  • Peer-reviewed publication record a plus.
  • Strong communication skills, both interpersonal and written; Fluency in Spanish and English (reading, writing and speaking).
  • Successful experience in partnership development (NGOs, governments, etc.) including extensive networking with high-level conservation and political contacts.
  • Comfort with operating in a non-hierarchical and collegial manner.
  • Demonstrated experience influencing, developing and implementing assessments at the regional, national and/or country/international level.
All applications must be submitted in the system prior to 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on June 15, 2013.
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