Regional Director, VCS Association

Regional Director

Background on the VCS Association
The Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and the associated VCS Program were launched in November 2007 and are now well established among the leading global greenhouse gas (GHG) standards and programs in the voluntary carbon market. Our primary objective is to bring standardization, transparency and credibility to the voluntary carbon market. Increasingly, we are generating lessons and providing inputs for compliance regimes emerging worldwide.

Job Description
The VCS Association is looking for a dynamic Regional Director for its new South America Office (VCSSA) to be located in Santiago, Chile. Principal tasks and responsibilities will include, at a minimum, the following:

1) Provide support to emerging voluntary and regulatory efforts to address climate change. This will include collaborating with the Santiago Climate Exchange and other similar initiatives, particularly in respect of strengthening demand for VCUs.

2) Promote harmonization around core VCS principles and requirements, including acceptance of VCS at the government level throughout the region. This could, for example, include making presentations about the VCS Program to policy-makers and industry leaders.

3) Serve as the Chairman of the Advisory Committee established to increase the presence of the VCS Program in key areas of influence in the region. This will require identifying and interviewing candidates for the Advisory Committee from throughout the region, and working with both VCSA and Fundación Chile (FCH) to make a final selection. Subsequently, the Regional Director will
ensure the Advisory Committee works effectively to promote VCS’s mission.

4) Participate in conferences throughout the region.

5) Work closely with VCS Headquarters to ensure consistent approach to policy and strategy implementation. This will include, at a minimum, regular (eg, bi-weekly) calls with the CEO, participation in monthly senior staff and all staff meetings, as well as other regular communications with other parts of the organization.

6) Coordinate all aspects of the office, including the establishment of a legal entity, identification of office space, and working with Fundación Chile to put in place appropriate legal, accounting and financial structures and procedures.

7) Working with the VCS Program Manager to hire and supervise a Program Officer who will work at the VCSA-SA office.

Required Knowledge, Experience and Skills
1) At least five years of work experience

2) Master’s degree in Business, Economics, Public Policy or a related field would be considered an asset.

3) Experience in voluntary carbon markets would be considered an asset.

4) Excellent written and oral communications skills.

5) Fluency in English and Spanish absolutely essential; fluency in another UN language would be considered an asset.

6) Strong familiarly with Microsoft Office software is essential.

Required Traits
1) Sharp analytical mind, with good attention to detail.

2) Ability to multi-task on issues of substance.

3) Ability to work independently and on own initiative.

4) Professional approach and demeanor.

5) Good organizational, communication, interpersonal and team skills.

Terms and Conditions
A competitive salary is available and other terms and conditions will be discussed during the application process. Applicants must be eligible to work in Chile. In order to streamline the application process, applicants are requested to submit the following documents:

1) Cover letter (not to exceed one page).

2) Resume/CV (not to exceed two pages).

3) A short writing sample (maximum 500 words) outlining a strategy for strengthening demand for VCUs throughout Spanish-speaking South America.

All documents must be submitted to by close of business 24 June 2011. Interviews will be held in late June or early July.