Regional Directors (7) – C40


The C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (C40) seeks Regional Directors for Africa, Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia & Australia, East Asia, and South and West Asia (one each). C40 is a global network of the world’s largest cities taking action to combat climate change by identifying, developing, and implementing policies and programs that generate measurable reductions in greenhouse gas emissions An international staff of embedded “City Directors” and “Global Initiative Teams” work for the organization, and with these cities, to deliver on this mission. 
The current chair of the C40 is New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, who – with the support of the C40 Executive Team — guides the work of the C40, along with the members of the C40 Steering Committee. Current Streering Committee members are: Berlin, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Johannesburg, Los Angeles, London, New York City, Sao Paulo, Seoul and Tokyo. 
In April 2011, President Bill Clinton and New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg announced the strategic alignment of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (C40) and the Clinton Climate Initiative Cities Program (CCI Cities), a program of the William J. Clinton Foundation. 
C40-CCI is responsive to the needs of C40 Cities and focuses on the areas of greatest opportunity for city action and climate impact. C40′s approach is three pronged: direct assistance, peer-to-peer exchange and knowledge management/research. Intrinsic to the C40′s success is its ability to leverage relationships between peer cities, as well as technical and financial partners whose expertise can help drive a city’s sustainability initiatives. 
Using this data-driven approach, the staff identify and promote exchange of proven programs and policies developed by cities; provide world-class research, technical expertise, and access to key partners to deliver new programs and policies with cities; and communicate cities’ individual achievements and collective leadership. C40-CCI works with governments and other partners to build strong connectivity among member cities to enable easy exchange of information, collaboration to achieve climate protection goals, efficient identification of solutions and barriers to climate protection challenges and strategic deployment of resources. 
Regional Approach 
Core to C40′s value and effectiveness is an ability to be responsive to the needs of all C40 cities and focus services and support on the areas of greatest opportunity for city action and climate impact – both at the individual city level and across our regional and global networks. 
Our regional management structure better enables the C40 organization to leverage relationships between peer cities both regionally and globally, and technical and financial partners, enabling C40 to be more responsive to local needs and conditions. Regional Directors (RD) are positioned in seven regions: 
• Africa 
• Europe 
• North America
• South America 
• Southeast Asia & Australia 
• East Asia 
• South and West Asia 
RDs are responsible for managing relationships with all the C40 cities in that region, either through direct relationships with City staff, or through the C40-CCI City Directors located in participating cities, where applicable. RDs must maintain a basic understanding of each of the C40 initiative and network focus areas, including a general knowledge of applicable policy and technical solutions. 
RDs oversee the strategic development and implementation of the C40 Programs in a particular region, provide oversight to in-region City Directors, and ensure that C40 city governments are satisfied with and benefitting from their partnership with the C40. In this capacity, the primary role of the RD is to establish and maintain strong relationships with C40 city governments, partners and stakeholders in the region; identify opportunities for cities to collaborate with each other – both within the region and throughout the larger organization and help to facilitate direct peer-to-peer exchange; convene regular regional meetings with participating and affiliate C40 city officials, and serve as a conduit between the region and the broader organization, including directing C40 resources to serve the priorities of cities within the region, as developed through an annual workplanning process. 
Over ten years experience in government, business or NGO sectors in the region with focus on policy development, project management or community organization, including inter-organizational cooperation, strategy and negotiation. 
Significant experience working with or within municipal government, with senior officials and environmental teams and projects required, particularly in the specific geographic region. 
Ability to lead strategic discussions to help facilitate action oriented approaches. 
Over five years management experience, proven skills to support a multi-site operation, ability to create a team environment given a virtual organizational structure. 
Experience living and working in the region. 
Strong technical and policy background in climate change or sustainability preferred. 
Ability to serve as a spokesperson or public speaker 
Masters in relevant discipline; MBA; MPA; MPP preferred. 
Strong English language skills required, as well as fluency in the local language(s). 
Reporting Structure: 
This key organizational position is a critical element in the C40 management structure. RDs work closely together to share learnings from their regions among themselves and throughout the organization, and work collaboratively to ensure the C40 network operates in a cohesive and strategic manner. 
The position reports to the Director of Initiatives and City Support who sits on the C40 Executive Team and reports directly to the Executive Director. 
Interested applicants should submit curriculum vitae and cover letter to by July 31, 2012 with submissions received prior to July 15 preferred. 
For more information on the C40, please visit and follow us on Twitter @C40cities.