Sales Director – UpEnergy

UpEnergy seeks professionals interested in clean energy, rural distribution, international health and development to serve as the Sales Director for our operations in Uganda. The role requires cultural sensitivity, entrepreneurial drive, strong sales and marketing ability, and analytical business thinking. The Sales Director will report directly to the UpEnergy Country Director, manage a team of roughly ten salespeople with scope for growth as well as work with local distribution partners.
The Sales Director will be responsible for management of the UpEnergy Uganda Sales function.


  • Develop a comprehensive sales and distribution strategy for UpEnergy products:
    • Establish new sales initiatives and grow existing initiatives in order to ensure that UpEnergy meets all product sales milestones through the development of efficient channel sales.
  • Oversee management of all UpEnergy Sales divisions:
    • Directly manage the Channel sales managers.
    • Provide periodic training and feedback to staff on effective sales techniques.
    • Develop performance indicators and metrics to measure effectiveness of sales strategies/personnel.
    • Oversee recruitment of additional sales staff.
  • Contribute to a comprehensive strategy for increasing sales of all UpEnergy products in both urban and rural areas including:
    • Cost Management – This includes effective cost management of all sales related activities including sales trip planning, transportation, distribution and sales person remuneration.
    • An appropriate sales marketing strategy – work with the Marketing Director on development of a sustainable sales model by product category, standardization of marketing materials / sensitization training tools, formalizing product demonstration,, gathering feedback from users on new products, enforcing standardized payment plans and pricing structures across regions and distribution channels.
    • Logistics planning – work with the Office Manager to coordinate delivery of product to market, collect payments where appropriate, service product warranty requests as well as hosting potential partners.
    • Manage team to support Marketing department’s product adoption testing, price sensitivity analysis and novel payment mechanisms.
    • Work with Marketing Director and local partners to run effective and well-targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Develop an effective organizational system and set of controls within the Sales Division:
    • Implement effective sales record keeping systems.
    • Implement regular reporting on sales by project type, measure ROI.
    • Manage coordination of record keeping with partners.
    • Assist in preparation for annual carbon audits.


  • Proven success in direct sales and distribution of goods and services. Preference for experience in sale of household durable goods.
  • Possess an entrepreneurial mindset, creative, ambitious and able to take initiative.
  • Passionate about UpEnergy’s mission, with basic knowledge of clean energy products and rural distribution
  • Supply chain experience preferred.
  • Effective project management skills.
  • Fluent English required. Working knowledge of one of more local Ugandan dialects a plus.
  • Strong interpersonal/networking skills.
  • Bachelor’s Degree required. Degree in business, international development or marketing preferred.
  • Between 5-10 years of work experience, ideally in clean energy and rural sales/distribution in a developing world context.
  • Strong business and financial acumen.
  • A proven track record of implementing and/or managing sales and marketing programs.

Please email a short cover letter and resume to Mark Mutaahi ( Use the subject “Uganda Sales Director” in all e-mail correspondence. No phone calls or posted mail applications, please. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

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